Pope says ‘sin within’ church’s greatest threat


'Pope Benedict said on Tuesday the crisis of sexual abuse of children by priests should make the Church acknowledge the “terrifying” truth that its greatest threat comes from “sin within the Church“.

In some of the most comprehensive public comments since the scandal broke two months ago, Benedict told reporters the Church has “a very deep need” to acknowledge that it must do penitence for its sins and “accept purification“.

“Today we see in a truly terrifying way that the greatest persecution of the Church does not come from outside enemies but is born of sin within the Church,” he told reporters on the plane taking him to Portugal, in response to a question about the sexual abuse scandal.

The 83-year-old German pontiff, facing the worst crisis of his five-year-old papacy, said the Church had to seek forgiveness from victims of sexual abuse but also recognized that “forgiveness cannot be a substitute for justice“.

These are great words to hear-hopefully they’ll be shared and repeated until everyone knows them-the first quote accepts responsibility and the second promises change. :slight_smile:

I would file that under the same category as grass is green, sky is blue, water is wet and sun rises in the east.

Some people have to have things spelled out for them, but almost no one else has said what Benedict just said in terms of this discussion about homo-pederasty.

It’s one thing to apologize and it’s another thing to fix what you’ve broken. Some things can’t be fixed, so reparation must be made. That’s one of the reasons why I’m Catholic. Catholics recognize the reality of the spiritual life. It’s not something nice we do once a week and on holidays as part of our northern European ethnic clique.

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