Pope Says There is Only One True Church


Well, I gotta hand it to the Pope. I like the hard line stance that he is taking on tradition of late, and that is no secret if you read my posts. Today, the Pope and I agree more than ever. In a recent document that was released, the Pope gets down to serious business of affirming that there is only ONE Christian Church out there, and it is the Catholic Church. You can read about it here.

I say, “Way to Go!” I think that it is time to assert that there ARE differences between the so called churches out there, and I like the Pope’s idea that we all need to come together under one proper banner of true teaching. After all, with the upswing in the Muslim population, and their continued unfettered onslaught against Christians world wide, it think that the protestants and other faiths outside the Pope’s teaching would do well to unify under one banner. This, my friends, is going to be the secret to survival in the coming troubled time with Islam.

Now please do me the service of not going off on me about that politically driven “Religion of Peace” stuff…I am not buying. What I want to discuss here are the comments of the Pope and what we can do to make protestants see the light of things.




The Pope saying there is only one true church is nothing new. That has always been, and always will be, the Catholic position.

Dominus Jesus says the same thing, as do other documents before it.

However, it is good that the Pope periodically reiterates this Truth.


Not everything that comes from the vatican comes from the pen of the Pope. This statement is from the Vatican congregation. I affirm that the statement is true and correct, and the Pope obviously agrees with it. But shouldn’t we be more careful in attributing to the Pope everything that comes out of the Vatican?


The Catholic Church being the One True Church is nothing new, but I am glad that the Vatican reminded the Protestant churches of this, and I forsee that there are gonna be many angry protestants.


That we should. However, in this instance the Pope reviewed and affirmed the message.


Hopefully not that many. Most Protestants know about this anyway.

The ones I forsee getting worked up about it will be the ones that do not even consider us Christians ironically- they seem to care the most about what we do.


Most Protestants really pay little attention to the Catholic churches claims. The Protestant understanding of what the church is differs from the Catholics understanding…it’s approached from different angles.

After centuries of the RCC making the claim, most Protestants are not too concerned…only on this forum is it ever discussed, Catholics seem more concerned of the claim than Protestants.


I loved Pope John Paul II, so I was a little wary of Pope Benedict, but I’m loving him more every day! :heaven:

I can hardly wait to see what’s next! :smiley:


He’s only speaking the truth and he’s only reiterating CC’s teaching. Yay for the Pope! Make it known (again) to people that the CC is the only true Church. The one and only, founded by Jesus Christ.

Most Protestants really pay little attention to the Catholic churches claims

I beg to differ… many do pay A LOT of attention. I’ve seen it many times. Many protestant churches live off of what the CC says so they can step on it. I’m not naming any denominations so I don’t start any arguments here…


I like B16 bomber! He tells them like it is.


I’m not upset. Why should I be? He’s not my Holy Father. Anyway, wasn’t Jesus a protestant?


No, he was more of a radical/revolutionary (a peaceful one, of course).

If you look at how the Catholic Church is being attacked for her unchanging teachings on issues of morality, it seems that the Church’s stances are being seen as more radical all the time by the world and many non-Catholic Christians. That would make sense, given her Founder.


Which denomination of protestant would he be may I ask?

“wasn’t” is an interesting choice of words too.

You did not use Isn’t. This must imply Jesus has repented of his protestant heresy at some point :stuck_out_tongue: or is dead. :frowning:


He protested against the Pharisees. The Pharisees sat in Moses seat and claimed all authority much like the RCC. The only difference is the RCC claims to be of Peter.

Jesus was constantly referring to scriptures to prove them wrong but they were too engulfed in their traditions.


That was a bit of a stretch, wasn’t it?

And I thought Jesus was Jewish?


No, Peter was the first pope chosen by Jesus, but the Catholic Church is of Jesus Christ, her Founder. Peter and all future popes just happen to be the earthly authority He designated to lead others to all Truth.


The Catholic Church does not claim to be of Peter. The Catholic Church claims to be established by Christ with Peter given the keys by Christ.

If you wish to call Jesus a protester of Pharisees, thats fine with me.

If you wish to call him a Protestant I am curious which Protestant denomination you think he is.


Not really. I was responding to a remark that was a rather large stretch.

The Catholic Church does not deny Jesus was Jewish, so your “point” is moot.


He was, but then He became Catholic! :smiley:


I wouldn’t assume you as a Catholic have extensive Protestant exposure on the subject, but I could and have been wrong before. I having been “Protestant” most of my life have very very rarely ever heard Protestants give a second thought to “Catholic” issues surrounding being “the true chruch.”

It seems to be more of a Catholic issue from a Protestant perspective…only in Catholic circles do I ever hear or read the subject even addressed/

But I will bow to your opinion…the RCC claim of “true church” status, is one I don’t dwell on either…it’s not an issue.

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