Pope seeks meeting with Patriarch of Moscow [CWN]

Pope Francis has send a message to Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, saying that he is “willing to meet at any place,” the AsiaNews service reports.The Pope’s message to the Russian …


After Putin says it’s okay for his former KGB buddy I bet he’ll be down for a meet up.

Miracles can happen. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit as we in the West prepare for the celebration of Pentecost. Relations with the Ecumenical Patriarchate are better than ever, but unfortunately I do not see Moscow budging, short of a miracle, until the Ukrainian issue is resolved.

I love Patriarch Kirill. When this man speaks there’s no arguments regarding what he really meant.

We shall give an account for every word that comes out of our mouths (or our keyboards).

They are christians now, it would be good if the Pope could come to some agreement with them, concerning the future of the byzantine empire.

Patriarch Kirill speaks with a total sense of clarity that seems to be all too rare in the 21st century

On homosexuality

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                                  I'm afraid the Patriarch may get the impression that the Catholic Church may be moving away from such views and any meeting may be futile. But we can pray.

How exactly is the Catholic Church moving away?

On issues of morality (e.g., gay marriage, abortion, etc), the Church has always maintained the same stance.

Ever thought of converting to Russian Orthodoxy? Not saying this to be offensive. You just seem to have a lot of sentimentality for Russia and for the ROC.

I didn’t say the Catholic Church was changing on those issues, just that the Patriarch might get that impression.

                       No, Ringil, I'm a Traditional Catholic, and have no plans to become Russian Orthodox. I do however see alot to admire in Patriarch Kirill.

Why would he get such an impression?

Granted, the Orthodox believe the Catholic Church came up with “innovations”…

I think it is great that Pope Francis has extended an invitation to meet with the russian patriarch.

We really need to pray for Pope Francis.
He is bringing together the leaders of Israel and Palestinian authority to pray in Rome. He made his pilgrimmage to the Holy Land and met with Eastern Orthodox leaders. He is taking on the finance committee.

He is concerned for what is happening in Syria and I know he is concerned for the persecution of christians around the world.

He is meeting with victims of the child sex abuse scandal.

He must have a heavy heart. He wants peace and forgiveness.


I think all of this is going the right way, a new christian empire is emerging and the world badly needs it.

Ain’t that the truth!

The usual level of respect we have come to expect at CAF for the Orthodox Churches is once again continued here. Well done.

Do you see this perceived animosity towards the Orthodox Church in general or just towards the Russian Orthodox Church?

From my casual readings here and there, I sense great respect for the adherence to faith and tradition (despite certain doctrinal differences)…

I’m sorry if what I said about the head of the Russian Orthodox were better left unsaid. Does what I said (or what posters here at CAF) compare, in your view, to the recent letter written by two Greek Orthodox bishops to Pope Francis found here? Or perhaps you would be in agreement with these bishops about Pope Francis?


Of course what I found most hilarious about this letter was the accusation that Pope Francis and his “papism” of all things has somehow become a “state” instead of a church when Patriarch Kirill is extremely buddy buddy with the dictator Putin over in the undemocratic country of Russia. But of course that slipped their minds in that letter.

You are talking about the Greek Orthodox Church which whilst in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church is another Church in and of itself. Nor do those Bishops represent all views and are well known as been hard liners. No I do not agree with them and consider their way of putting forward their views straight forward but not the best way of expressing themselves they could have chosen.

Why mention the Russian Orthodox Church if you are talking about the Greek Orthodox Church? You seem to be jumbling all the Orthodox Churches together. Also tu quoque is not a good argument in any case.

To answer your question, I think in fairness it’s a small subset of posters who keep it going and I am just annoyed when I read such unpleasant remarks concerning the Patriarch which should be tolerated no more than remarks of a similar kind about our Pope here on the forums. I think certain recent events in Russia and the Ukraine have fed into that and there have been some choice posts about Orthodoxy been a destructive way of thinking and other posts of late that have not been terribly pleasant to read.

The Russian Orthodox are suspicious at times of Catholicism and our Church’s motives but insulting their Patriarch or sneering at him is not likely to build any bridges. My wife is Russian Orthodox and most Russian Orthodox I have encountered regard us as Christians (albeit heterodox), but some know nothing about us, a classic example been a young teenage girl who is my wife’s much younger cousin who asked me some questions which were well meant but showed a great ignorance of Catholic teaching. Mind you most Catholics would be equally ignorant of Orthodox teaching in return.

The only really sour experience I have had is one priest who when I entered a Church in Russia picked up on the fact I wasn’t Orthodox after engaging my fiancée (as she was then) in conversation and started on about ‘foreigners stealing women from mother Russia’ etc. He picked the wrong person to do that with with my wife as told him to mind his manners and pointed out that Christ is for all mankind and that he was talking rubbish. He stands out in my mind as the only example of that I’ve run across in real life, though I have internet examples of that sort of talk from both Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

Generally speaking where my wife is from the Orthodox and Catholics have a good relationship as many of their older clergy were political prisoners in the same jails and worked together to smuggle in the materials for the Eucharist and aide each other. Memories like that tend to stick with people. It’s worth noting the priest I mention above was moved on after a bit after numerous complaints about him verging on ultra nationalism during conversations.

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