Pope sees many 'masquerading as Christians' [CWN]

Pope Francis drew a sharp contrast between “Christians of words” and “Christians of action” during his homily at a weekday Mass on June 27. Commenting on the Gospel image of a house …


I found this a very inspiring article. The things Pope Francis said are just what I am always wondering about. I need help treading the true path as a Christian. I do not want to be lukewarm and it is all so difficult! Perhaps more clear leadership will be forthcoming from my shepherds, as all this comes from our Pope.

Pope Francis said that the “Christians of words” fall into two categories: the gnostics, who “lives floating on the surface of the Christian life;” and the pelagians, who whose rigid approach puts them “in perpetual mourning.”


And I think it’s worth noting, too, that Pope Francis used the word Christian rather than Catholic.

The article is a little too brief for me. For instance what does the Pope mean when he says the following:

and the pelagians, who whose rigid approach puts them “in perpetual mourning.”


It seems to me that it means that there are too many claiming to be Christian that are too mournful in their outlook. True Christians are the most joyful people you could know…or that is the way it ought to be. Sure, this is a sad world with many things going wrong. But for the Christian, we are not sad and mournful for we believe in the Resurrection. Praised by Jesus Christ! :slight_smile:

Personal sadness envelops us all in our everyday life, but that is different than being mournful and dejected. We must always give a reason for our hope. Being rigid (inflexible) in our dealings with people because they don’t necessarily sees things our way can make us mournful because they may not see the Truth of Jesus Christ as we may see it.

Thank you Stylteralmaldo. :thumbsup:

It’s really the same thing. Any one who is a Christian, a Christ follower, is a Catholic.

Catholics are the original Christians.

Where have you both been? I’ve been wondering how long it would be for someone to make that claim. :slight_smile:

Why is that worth noting?

Why do you think he didn’t use the word “Catholic”?

I have no reason to believe he intentionally chose to not use it. What is your point?

I believe Pope Francis is pointing out that this is something that should be universally Christian, and not just a Catholic thing. So, catholic and not just Catholic.

The description of the “gnostic” category wasn’t very explanatory, either.
And his choice for the two “categories” of the “masquerading” Christians seemed a bit…puzzling.


What is the poster’s point? Why is this distinction worth mentioning?

For the exact reason I mentioned. Many people think the Pope only talks about Catholic things.

Sorry, I fail to see why the poster raised her point. I think posters on a Catholic form are aware of this distinction.

There is an American phrase: talk the talk and walk the walk.

If we mourn at everything, we are frozen in place and cannot walk and cannot act.

If we simply talk but don’t act, we cannot do what God wants us to.

If we act as the Bible and the Church teaches, we are guided by God and no matter what is going on around us, including the great desire of some to teach us to do wrong or be hopeless or seek only temporal things, will be seen for what it is. The world needs salt and light. If we are neither then we must turn to God and ask for His guidance.

Hope is not something we hear about very often. Anger, yes. Death, yes. But hope, peace and honest cooperation? Not that much.

We all struggle. Some of us greatly, and God understands. Pray. And pray. Seek and you shall find. God wants you to trust Him.


From your lips to God’s ears!!!

You think Pope Francis speaks without intention?


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