Pope Sixtus v errors in Vulgate

I read that Pope Sixtus V translation of Vulgate had many errors.He gave copies to Cardinals and proposed his Bull. Cardinals were against him publishing it.Nobody was going to stop his final promulgation of defined dogma,and was going to excommunicate any Cardinal who disobeyed him.
He died before the final promulgation,thus Holy Spirit saving him from err.
Fundamentalists say this is an example that Pope cannot be infallible,as it was in his mind to publish ,and where was Holy Spirit when he was translating as Holy Spirit is supposd to guide him ?.So how should i answer a fundamentalist?
I could say.The Pope could have changed his mind at last minute before death,or at last minute before his final promulgation ,and who knows what was in his mind last minute before death?.
But what would my answer be as to Holy Spirit supposed to guide him from err ,when he had distributed some erronous versions to Cardinals and Princes of Vulgate and set up his Bull.,before the final promulgation
Can anyone give me more information?

What are the errors they refer to?

God gave humans free will. We are not controlled by the Holy Spirit and neither are the Popes. Christ promissed that he would protect the Church from errors in Faith and Moral, not against “bad” Popes or sinners.

In regards to the Pope being infallible, the Pope is not infallible as a man. When he was planning to release his translation, he didn’t not “proclaim” anything. But when he was finally ready to “proclaim” he died. Christ and the Holy Spirit gave him the opportunity to change his mind. When he would not, the Angel of Death came for him, hence protecting the Church from an error in Faith.

I hope this helps… Also, if I find the article I read regarding this, I will pass it on your way.

God Bless.

Looks like the Holy Spirit did protect the Church from error. He died.

Errors in Pope Sixtus V Translation of the Vulgate


Sir Robert Francis Romelus Bellarmine—Advent Ency’

Pope Sixtus V----Advent Ency’

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You will see several Catholic websites referring to this below on page](www.catholicfaithandreason.net/papal-infallibility/.html)

Yes he certainly did

Yes,I understand infallibility,ive done lots of study on it,and on good,bad Popes,about his proclamation death etc,that is how i read it.See the latest Catholic websites i passed on to ,Steve B.
Thanks for your reply.
God Bless Our Pope

Now I’ve heard different stories on this one. And have raised a similar question myself. I have heard he was just going to make it an “authorized” version. I have also heard stories that he was going to declare infallibility in some way also. But I do believe he died the night before he was going to introduce this. It makes one wonder. If the holy spirit did step in :shrug:

Now was he going to declare infallibility ? I’ve heard just the authorized version ?

I don’t think the charism of infallibility protects the Pope from translation and typesetting errors anyway.

He was not definitively laying down some doctrine that the whole Church had to hold to.

Well, I didn’t say he was going to declare infallibility; I’m not sure if it was going to make an “infallible” decree or simply “authorize” the version. But honestly, it really doesn’t matter here. Pope Sixtus V was going to release a translation of the Bible which was known to be full of errors. This would have gone against the Church’s infallablity on Faith. Since the Pope is infallible when it comes to Faith and Morals, a Pope cannot personally issue a translation of the Bible which is widely known to have major errors.

God Bless.

So you believe the Holy Spirit did indeed take his life. Is that widely believed?

He was going to declare(define) that means infallibility,to the best of my knowledge.Maybe its best you ask priest to be certain He had distributed copies of his Bull to cardinals and some copies of Vulgate to princes ,cardinals,BEFORE his final promulgation,Note it would not be infallible if not finally promulgated.
Yes the Holy Spirit did take his life,he promised the Church would never err when defining.Holy Spirit is third person of Trinity(God),so God took his life like he takes most of us

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