Pope slams ‘fear’ over migration as he begins Panama youth meet


Pope slams ‘fear’ over migration as he begins Panama youth meet

Kelly VELASQUEZ, Denis BARNETT AFP January 23, 2019

Panama City (AFP) - Pope Francis flew into Panama on Wednesday at the start of a five-day visit for World Youth Day festivities amid heightened tensions over an unfolding political crisis in nearby Venezuela.

More than 1,000 pilgrims cheered Francis’ arrival at Tocumen airport, waving the starred red, white and blue Panamanian flag and the yellow and white flag of the Vatican.

The 82-year-old pontiff acknowledged them with a wave and a smile after slowly descending the steps of his Alitalia plane following a 13-hour flight from Rome.

Also, see tweet below (the young man broke through the barrier and was holding a Venezuelan flag):



Prayers for the Holy Father and all attending for a safe and blessed trip.

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I agree. I wish he would have made a statement on the Venezuela events happening in the same neighborhood. The situation calls out desperately for a statement by the world’s spiritual leader.

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Absolutely. Per research I have seen, Venezuela has produced 3,000,000 refugees over the past few years. That is from a population of 33,000,000 or so, rough figures. That’s around 8 or 9% of the population fleeing. Can he not comment on the Venezuelan government? If we applied that same figure to the USA, it would be like 30,000,000 Americans fleeing, an unfathomable amount.

Now, as I posted in world news, some Colombian ‘gangs’ are thinking of taking the matter into their own hands.

It’s interesting one doesn’t hear criticisms of those inhospitable to refugees when it is happening in Tijuana or Colombia.

And all of that is important background, but as we speak events are coming to a head in Venezuela, and its the perfect timing for the Holy Father to be in the vicinity and to speak out. For the first time in years, there might be a ray of hope for Venezuela.

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He needs to speak out against the governments causing the people to flee.

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