Pope speaks to the priests of Rome

New Advent’s Headline:
In farewell meeting with Rome’s priests, Pope Benedict offers unscripted personal reflections on Second Vatican Council

A short quote from the Pope’s words to the priests: *
… “For today, given the conditions of my age” - he said - “I could not prepare a great, real address, as one might expect, but rather I thought of chatting about the Second Vatican Council, as I saw it”…*


It was very interesting to read his reminiscences of Vatican II.
Well worth reading.

Thanks. I read it. I need to re-read it a couple of times. It seems to be interesting.
God bless.
In Jesus Christ and Mary.

I think his view that the true council is steadily re emerging from the suppression of the virtual, “media” council is evident; however the generational conciousness gap now has been greatly widened by that culture spawned, such that if we could summarize this ascending force of truth as “The New Evangelization,” it has it’s assailants already waiting for just that. His Holiness must feel that he now commends the fate of the true modern council into completely trustworthy hands or else he despairs of the church on earth to the greater extent now as to retire from it’s guidance in leaving all, more hopefully and faithfully to the Triune God.

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