Pope: Spread the Word Using New Media


Pope Benedict called on us to "Spread the Word Using New Media."

Here is one great chance to do this-- it's spreading like wildfire:

Rosary for the Bishop

*]started in Madison, WI in December 2005
*]went national in the US Jan 1, 2010
*]went international Jan 12, 2010

*]Already, 624 people from 290 parishes, in 121 dioceses, have prayed 17,600 rosaries for 175 bishops.
*]475 facebook fans

A virtual Battle of Lepanto -- help defeat the culture of death with the Rosary.
Spread the word!

Check the site -- maps of participants coming soon --

Rosary for the Bishop -- www.RosaryForTheBishop.org


God gave us this gift for a reason. He blessed us with all this technology that can be used to do a lot of good things in His name. I think the move toward using the New Media should have started years ago. I think they are late to the game. They can use it to answer challenges to the faith and to spread the faith. I think this can bring more good than harm.

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