Pope: texting leads to war




This is why the only news websites I visit are 1) orthodox, Catholic sites, and 2) local news sites.


It was in my local paper as well. You don’t believe it?


While the title is ridiculous, his comment that people not speaking to each other does lead to bad things. A lot of what we have been discussing recently on these boards is the lack of civil, but disagreeable, discourse.

One of the most concerning issues is political correctness which shuts down differing ideas.


Why do you think the title is ridiculous?
It’s accurate.


Curious on why you would consult the NY Post who probably doesn’t have a Vatican reporter in house to see what the Pope has to say?

The pope didn’t make an entire presentation on avoiding war by not texting. He spoke to University students.


I live in the New York area. If I read the New York post it would be for local news, perhaps sports and celebrity gossip. :shrug:

If I want to know what the Pope says, I’ll read L’Osservatore Romano, or Andrea Tornielli from La Stampa or Radio Vaticana. Or go to the Vatican Website and read the text.



Most people wouldn’t speak to a stranger face to face (or one would hope not, anyway) the way some of these posts go. OTOH, if we could see faces and body language and discern the intent, maybe there wouldn’t be offense taken as often, either.


So does reckless relentless sniping.



I don’t think he literally means ‘texting causes war’. I think he was using texting/addiction to smart phones in a metaphorical way. This generation is very detached compared to past ones, I mean for example I can remember being a teen in the late 90’s/early 00’s and I was always out of the house with my friends, experiencing life. These days people have fallen into the ‘‘social media’’ world and don’t even talk much to each other and are becoming more and more secular and desensitized. I remember last year, going to a nice sit down restaurant and there was a pretty good sized family that seated in the table next to me. All of them were staring at their phones during the meal, I mean is that any way to share a family meal? In complete silence staring at your phone? The lack of proper social interaction causes people to be a bit neurotic and combative with one another, it also takes way intimacy and personality. I much rather to talk to people than to e-mail or text them. I mean it’s convenient to an extent, but you can read someone better by watching their facial expressions. I can’t even begin to say how many times I’ve been the victim of bullying, even by friends on facebook, because they misconstrued my text.


I had the misfortune of skimming down to the “recommended articles” on the bottom of the page.
Doesn’t look like anything anyone should read.


Sorry for linking to the ny post.
There are indeed other sources I could have used

This whole thing bothers me.
I know it’s a little throwaway comment to the youth but it really has been a worm in my head the last few days.
We live in a world where the pope says things very diplomatically about terrorism or not so diplomatically about walls or climate change.

And I’m 99 percent sure his point is that real “FaceTime” communication within the family is the mustard seed of peace, peace between siblings and parents will translate to peace outside of the home, even into countries. And that is a good point.
“But texting leads to war”
Is an odd way to make that point. And likely to be ignored.
If a grandpa, youth minister, or homeschool mom made this statement we would laugh.

I’m just having trouble understanding it.


Well it certainly divides the family and causes drama and angry words. That’s certainly a metaphor that most people can grasp. I don’t think people are as thick as one might think.
He speaks for everyone…not just theologians.


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