Pope throws down gauntlet to religions: No killing in God’s name


In his annual address on Monday to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, Pope Francis signaled that 2017 will be a year in which his press for peace gathers steam, and laid down a clear challenge to all religions to reject killing in the name of God.



I am glad to hear him make this declaration.


Its time for the message of Fatima to be emphasized. Didn’t Mary say if people stopped offending God,there would be peace? So many things that are offending him right now - the breakdown of the family is one!



I really with Pope Francis would get away from speaking in platitudes and bromides.


Okay, I’ll tell him.


Somewhere in Heaven, Pius XII and Benedict XV are sighing. Nothing has really changed since their time. :o


I’m not sure jihadis really care about what he says…

They’re probably targeting the Vatican as we speak…


is this a position the church needs to clarify its stance on now?
Will it save a single life? I appreciate and agree with the pope, but I’m not sure those who would kill in the name of God are swayed by such a declaration.


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