Pope to be welcomed by protesters in Rio

“The protesters will march under the banner of ‘Pope, look how we are treated’ and will ask to Holy Father to side with them and call on the government to do more for the country’s poor. The protesters say that they have no qualms with the Pope and that they admire his humble lifestyle and teachings”


You have got to love South America, even the WYD protesters are Catholic! :slight_smile: Do you think the Pope will address their concerns or will he side step politics and focus on the event itself?

I don’t think there is anything Pope Francis wouldn’t do. :wink:

I know, right? :smiley:

Well, here we read:

leaders of the Brazilian bishops’ conference announced their support for the massive demonstrations. n a document distributed to journalists in Brasilia by Archbishop Raymundo Damasceno Assis of Aparecida, bishops’ conference president, the conference “declares its solidarity and support to these demonstrations, as long as they are peaceful, and which have taken to the streets persons of all ages, especially the youth.” The document also emphasized that the church strongly opposes the violence that has erupted and the destruction of private property

If the Conference of Bishops expressed this sort of position, I am personally inclined to believe that the Holy Father was not extraneous (or, at least, not contrary) to this :slight_smile:

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