Pope to meet with gay activist


One question: Why? We are not a political party or a social club. To meet with someone who is working to further the acceptance of sin is not helpful to a flock who is already in a state of confusion on the matter.

The pope has consistently said he wants to encourage discussion.
He is very much about understanding what people are feeling and wanting to know their thoughts.
Also, the person he’s meeting is part of a group that tries to protect the legal rights for gay people in a country where they have no protection.
The pope is, above all, a humanitarian who cares about people. He would be interested in this.


In keeping with the ancient tradition of Christianity, Pope Francis is reaching out to marginalized groups who have been discriminated against and persecuted. Gays have been denied legal rights in certain countries and murdered just for being gay in others. I see no reason why the Pope would not be open to dialogue with gay activists, just as he is with other groups of people who are also sinners.

Come on it’s msnbc…beware the liberal media.

But to answer the question why…well to reaffirm the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church, the Catholic Church and that that is the only path to true freedom. A key mission given to the Catholic Church by Christ is the salvation of souls. The identification and condemnation of sin is necessary for that mission.

I’m surprised that the liberal media even conceded this…

Still, Francis has made it clear he opposes gay marriage. In January, on a visit to the Philippines he lashed out at same-sex marriage, arguing that the “the family is threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage, by relativism, by the culture of the ephemeral, by a lack of openness to life.”

“If you hang out in a barber shop long enough, you will get a haircut.” The strong presence of the church with her rich traditions, can deeply appeal to all seeking shelter from the burdens of sin. All can benefit from the divine presence of God and Christ in every Catholic Church.

When I first appeared at the doorstep of a Catholic church, my thoughts and beliefs were not in keeping with church doctrine. However as I began to attend Mass, began reading, discernment and finally taking class, I was transformed. I began living the Catholic way of life a step at a time.

The process of conversion takes a year, sometimes shorter, often longer. The Holy Father should invite anyone to the table in hopes of mutual understanding, and in some cases salvation of the individual. Those who discount the power and transformation of the very real presence of Christ in our congregations… “Oh yea have little faith!” :wink: Many visit, some stay!

We cannot equate ‘gay’ with ‘sin’.

Who are we to judge? We do not know if they have sinned.

It is similar to seeing a Catholic family with 2 or 3 children, and calling them sinners as most probably they have used contraception. We cannot judge. We do not know.

What are you saying? That NBC is incorrect in what they are saying here about the meeting because they are not considered “conservative”?

Did you find factual errors in the article?


Nazareth News “Jesus meets with Samaritan woman!”

I like this pope!! He puts himself in place that we would probably find Jesus in if He were still here on earth. He sets a good example for both catholics and non-catholics alike as to how we should be trying to draw those who misunderstand Christ’s teachings into dialogue to perhaps teach otherwise.

Thanks Pope Francis for setting a great example for us!

Blessings, all!!


Also… Nazareth News, “Jesus eats with sinners!” :eek:

Not to beat the dead horse, but I think you may be looking at this the wrong way. Even people that work for the acceptance of sin generally are not cartoon villains: they advocate what they advocate because they genuinely believe their advocacy will make the world a better place.

In the case of LGBT activists, they are responding to the very real, very present abuses suffered by those in the LGBT community. As Catholics, we can say that the means they choose to solve this issue is not in accordance with the Will of God, but that doesn’t diminish very real concerns.

Meeting with LGBT activists is an important first step because it helps to define the problem. Why are these people upset? What are the problems facing their community? What can we, as Catholics, do to help alleviate those problems while still acting in accordance with the Will of God. Plus, as an added bonus, how we more effectively communicate with the LGBT community to share the Gospel message. These are all important questions, and one can’t find answers if they are too afraid of dealing with the LGBT community?

Papa Francis lives in 2015. He understands the problems in the real world and obviously wants to learn from many different groups, especially before this October’s forum on Family issues. For goodness sakes, one of the first acts he did, on Holy Thursday, was to wash the feet of both men and women prisoners, Catholic or not. He understands that regardless of the rad trads, the Church needs a few dogma changes that will show the majority of the Catholic world that the Church is driven by mercy. I certainly dont mean huge changes, but at least relaxing the rules for the divorced among us. There probably isnt a great need for a change in the ABC dogma since 90% of Catholics do not believe in the Church teaching. :rolleyes:

Excuse me, but dogmas cannot be changed. They are Truth, God’s unerring Truth, and cannot and will not be changed by anyone, especially not Pope Francis.

May God enlighten you! :slight_smile:

I just went to the “SOMOSGAY” website to see what they were actually about and unfortunately it is not just a group that advocates for rights for simply individual who are homosexual and not necessarily practicing. Rather, it supports the homosexual lifestyle well and so therefore I’m not exactly sure why Pope Francis is meeting with a representative from there because I know that he is obviously against the sinful nature of homosexuality in practice. I guess he just wants some peaceful dialogue with the group so as to show the Catholic position and maybe change some minds and hearts, which is good.

May God bless you all abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

I think this may betray a lack of understanding about why the Church teaches some acts are immoral. The Church does not make the rules; Her role is more akin to God’s mail man. She doesn’t create rules - good or bad - she just reports them. Thus “rules” surrounding homosexuality and the indissolubility of marriage are not a construct of the Church, rather, they’re simply reporting what truths God has revealed to the Church.

It’s also worth pointing out that living in 2015 doesn’t change a lot. I think our generation likes to pretend that we’re the first generation of people who have had problems with Church morality. In other parts of the world, for example, the Church’s issues with sexual morality stem not from homosexuality but from polygamy. In Asia, it’s the Church’s attitude towards forgiveness and mercy that meets the most cultural resistance. Should the Church, then, abandon her teachings on mercy, forgiveness, and monogamy? If not, then why what makes Western culture so special that the Church should capitulate to their demands but refuse those of every other time and place?

What do you mean by "the homosexual lifestyle"?
(as opposed to the “heterosexual lifestyle”)

Homosexuals don’t usually life a “lifestyle” that is so different than heterosexuals, except for one thing: whom they are attracted to.


The homosexual lifestyle is that people get up, have breakfast, go to work, lead their daily lives just like the rest of the population.

Who said they can?

It was the user “kozlosap” who said in an earlier post that “the Church needs a few dogma changes.” I was just responding to him.

May God bless you on this beautiful Sunday and always! :slight_smile:

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