Pope to Muslims: People Have 'Freedom to Choose Religion One Judges to be True


During his first official visit to the Middle East, Pope Francis repeatedly told Muslim audiences that religious freedom is “a fundamental human right” and that governments must allow people to choose their own faith.

LOVE! :heart:

Good! This is awesome!

I love that this Pope is reaching out to Muslims. The gap between the West and the Islamic world is one of the biggest challenges facing the global political community. To have the Pope working to send such a strong message of freedom and unity to both groups is just incredible.

Thanks for bringing this directive out into open.

I followed him on tv but was taking in alot of images, gestures, and movements among the 3 faiths.

This lack of freedom is the cause of so many people who suffer seeing those murdered for choosing the religion of their choice.

God bless our Holy Father who speaks in a way and manner humanity can understand.

Too bad Muslims don’t believe that. Nor is hearing it from the Pope likely to make them believe that.

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I was so pleased the Pope said this during his visit.

Will it make a difference I don’t know.

Meanwhile if a man commits apostasy that is grounds for execution in Islam.

This is so true but unfortunately Islam is intolerant of religious freedom. If you live in a Muslim nation, are born a Muslim or convert to Islam and then choose to leave for another religion, you can be put to death for apostasy. That is just downright sick.

If you believe in the God of Abraham then they should believe in the same God who introduced the 10 Commandments which the Moslems don’t believe in or obeying because Mohammed did his own thing and started the Religion in a very violent manner, that is how the religion came about , be killed or else, one only has to look around the world at the Moslem extremists now getting worse, because they are acting just like Mohammed, kill all who are not Moslems, or convert all.

Unfortunately the Holy Father is talking a different language and I don’t mean Italian/Arabic, both are on different pages about life, and the sanctity of it.

I hope that what is developing in Iraq, with a new Islamic caliph coming about by an organization considered more extreme than Al Qaeda is already causing much destruction by the takeover of Mosul and Tikrit.

There are reports going out about massive beheadings, hundreds of thousands of people fleeing including those especially trained to protect them. Al Qaeda separated itself from this new organization, considering it too extreme.

We must pray the rosary and invoke Our Lady of Fatima to pray for the Muslims to turn away from tolerating all forms of extreme Islam, and I pray for their conversion to Christ and that there be armies rising up to overcome the emerging caliphate.

Interesting that this is coming to light shortly after the Holy Father’s visit.

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