Pope tried to stop concert by Bob Dylan



I am so glad to hear that Pope Benedict dislikes guitars.


I am just glad he doesn’t care for Bob Dylan. Perhaps he can make an ex cathedra statement to the effect that Dylan can not carry a tune in a bucket.


I like our good and holy Pope better every day.



It’s doesn’t need to be ex cathera; that is already part of the continuous and universal teaching of the Church :wink:




I like Dylan and while he doesn’t belong at a Mass, there is nothing wrong with a concert that features Christian themed popular music.

I am sure the Pope Benedict has no dislike for guitars per se. Just guitar music as part of the liturgy.


I totally agree too. What do you think of the chances of Mahony agreeing with him on that?


Probably pretty good, I think +Mahony prefers tamborines.




Why, if I may ask? And where do you get the idea that the Holy Father dislikes guitars, from the article above? This wasn’t a Mass, was it (I’m not terribly fond of guitar music at Mass myself)? I rather got the idea that he didn’t care for Bob Dylan (and who does?). I’d be willing to bet that the Holy Father would quite have enjoyed hearing a luminary such as Andre Segovia playing the guitar, particularly some of his Bach transcriptions.

I’m not entirely sure that I would seize on this as proof that the Holy Father doesn’t like guitars. This is kind of an alarming trend in these fora, to take an article, biased or otherwise, and canonize one’s interpretation of it as truth.


Well I was at a parish a few years ago where they had electric bass guitars and a host of other musical instruments that totally drowned out the organ and even the good singing voices of that choir. It left a real bad taste in my mouth for it.

I only made the comment about the guitars because the article contained the following: Last year, he cancelled the Vatican’s Christmas fundraising concert and banned guitars from Mass
Now it may be that the article could be incorrect but I have no reason to think otherwise.

I don’t know why you think I was trying to canonize one’s interpretation of it as truth. Canonize is where the Church declares a Blessed to be a Saint. I just said it as I was happy to know that the Pope doesn’t like guitars at mass.


That actually isn’t the only way the term *canonize *is used, though it’s the most common. We speak of the canon of Scripture, for example, the official list of the Books of the Bible.

And you didn’t just say that, you know. “I am so glad to hear that Pope Benedict dislikes guitars.” That’s what you said in your first post. It doesn’t matter so much, except that it is symptomatic of the way in which some things are addressed in these fora.

Also, the article is itself misleading. The Holy Father has never banned guitars at Mass.


Thanks for the insights about “canonize”. It is true that the Holy Father hasn’t banned guitars at Mass but even if he did, I truly wonder how many would comply with that?


I don’t know. The pope probably realizes that guitars are not that big a deal (as I said, I don’t care for them at Mass, but that’s a personal aesthetic) and that popes don’t draw a line in the sand over relatively small matters, they save that for things that really matter. That’s a part of the job description, enduring things you may not personally like very much for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m pretty sure in the realm of liturgical reform, the pope’s a lot more concerned with the more obvious abuses (Barney Masses et al) than with guitars (which COULD, theoretically at least, be played very well at Mass for non-banal and non-insipid tunes).


I would in a heartbeat, even it meant doing all music acapella.


I’ve often wistfully pondered the possibility of the above.


“Who gave all these nice Catholics guitars?” A line from Annie Dillard’s essay “Expedition to the Pole,” which I would recommend enthusiastically to anyone.


I love Bob Dylan. The man is one of my heroes but no, he does not belong at Mass. God Bless the man though.


First of all, this is one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in weeks.

Secondly, Every time I have seen or heard Bob Dylan speak somewhere he’s either High or drunk and can’t hold himself up. I am so encouraged by the clarity of Pope Bennedict 16th.


That’s not news; that’s always been the case. The man is a brilliant song writer though.

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