Pope urges Catholics to join Orthodox Church in World Day of Prayer

The World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation should be a time for individuals to examine their lifestyles and the way they impact the environment, Pope Francis said.

At the end of his weekly general audience today, the Pope asked Catholics and “all people of goodwill” to join members of the Orthodox Church in the special day of prayer on September 1.

“We want to make our contribution to overcoming the ecological crisis that humanity is experiencing,” the Pope said, explaining why he decided the Catholic Church should mark the annual day of prayer begun by the Orthodox Church in 1989.


It has always been the view of Catholics to care for creation.Probably most faiths and people believe the same. This is nothing new.

That being said, we cannot change what is coming only mitigate the severity with prayer fasting and penance.

How utterly and miserably and reprehensibly naval-gazingly resigned. Yes we all join in prayer. And then DO something. No one is to pray hard as you like then sit upon the carpet telling sad stories of kings. Prayers cannot be answered without work.

How about praying for all those being killed by ISIS? Aren’t they part of creation?

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