Pope Urges Conformity with Vatican II


In speaking to the Portugese Bishops, Benedict said:

…in these years, “the most frequent confession on the lips of Christians has been the lack of participation in community life.”

“It is necessary,” he said, “to change the organizational style of the Portuguese Church community and the mentality of its members, to have a Church in tune with Vatican II, in which the function of clergy and laypeople is well-defined, taking into account the fact that we are all one, since we were baptized and integrated into the family of the children of God, and all of us have a common responsibility for the growth of the Church.”



Do you know what the situation in Portugal is with the church today? Is it very traditional there, or very liberal? It’s hard to understand his comments without more background.

The Church, the Holy Father said, "should not, above all, speak of itself, but of God.

Wow, that quote seems quite relevant not just to Portugal, but to some of these forums :smiley:


I am Portuguese. Well, most Priests here are a bunch of commies, even our bishops are mostly deep socialists (by this I mean almost communists). Fortunately there is Opus Dei: that is almost the only place where I can get a decent mass.

The TLM is still forbidden, due to a controversial letter of the Cardinal-Patriarch, José Policarpo.

I am extremely unhappy with the state of the Portuguese church.

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