Pope urging pastor to learn and teach the Liturgy

From our friends at Zenit comes this very interesting bit of news:


I found this particular section rather interesting:

We must all learn the liturgy better, not as something exotic but as the heart of our being Christian, which does not open easily to a distant man, but which is, on the other hand, precisely openness to the other, to the world."

The Holy Father emphasized: “We must all collaborate in celebrating the Eucharist ever more profoundly: not only as a rite but as an existential process that touches me profoundly, more than anything else, and changes me, transforms me and, by transforming me, sparks the transformation of the world that the Lord desires and of which He wishes to make me an instrument.”

Inasmuch as he was directing these comments at the priests of the Diocese of Rome, they could very well be said to the clergy on a universal scale.

I am convinced that liturgical abuses happen because either the seminarians are not taught how to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice in the authentic manner mandated by the Church or because innovations have crept into the point that they are now taken as legitimate practices when there is no basis for that from the Holy See.

My parochial vicar launched on the issue of authentic worship during his homily yesterday. He noted that we are not here to sing happy songs and celebrate ourselves. If that were were the case, we could all be members of some sort of community group. But, as he forcefully noted, we are here to be in the Divine presence of God and return to the moment of Calvary, to unite our sacrifice with the Sacrifice of Jesus to the Father. He said that if we miss that, then, we have missed the entire point of the Mass.

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