Pope voices hopes for change in another lengthy interview [CWN]

Pope Francis has again caused a sensation with a lengthy interview, telling the Italian daily La Repubblica that he will work toward a Church "that is not just top-down but also …


I swear, I just don’t know what to make of these interviews…:frowning:

Read the comments, people seem afraid, confused and uneasy :frowning:


Good interview. What did he say that we do not already know. Nothing confusing, I find it uplifting. Long live Pope Francis !

Me too. I find these interviews inspiring and, as you said, uplifting. They encourage me to ask myself if I’m really doing the best I can. (Often the answer is no, I’m not).

:thumbsup: (and “ditto” on that last part)

Here is a link to the interview. You might as well read the original text.
Interview in La Repubblica: The Pope - how the Church will change
It makes perfect sense to me. I think things are looking good for the Catholic Church.

I think it was very appropriate that this year is called the year of faith. Pope John Paul II’s “be not afraid” advise also applies. We need to not let the media worry us with their sensational headlines. These are just interviews. So, even if the Pope were to say something in error, an interview has nothing to do with Papal infallibility.

I cringe when reading the headlines that I might stumble on the five most dreaded words “The Pope gave another interview”. Time to be saying lot’s of rosaries for this pope.

What is wrong with the pope doing an interview?

We can’t have it both ways.

We have been screaming that we want a pope who takes charge. Now we have Francis. He is obviously no one’s puppet. He does what he wants, when he wants. He speaks his mind to whom he chooses. He’s made some changes and it looks like more are coming. He has his own style and he refuses to compromise on it.

He identifies very much as a Jesuit and expects the rest of us to remember that he is a Jesuit, thinks like a Jesuit, speaks like a Jesuit and will govern the Church like a Jesuit.

In a nutshell. We’ve got our autonomous pope whom no one in the curia, the laity, among the bishops or even his religious order control.

And now we want to control him, censure him and have him be the kind of pope that we believe the Church needs.

Do we want an autonomous pope or a figure head? Do we want a pope who has his own personality or one with a prepackaged personality?

I look at him and read his interviews and I just smile. This morning I was commenting to the brothers, “Yep, no doubt about it. Ignatius would be proud. He’s a real Jesuit. I guess I had better go get my Ignatian pedagogy books so I can follow along.”

Yes, some people were complaining that Benedict was being controlled by the curia, he resigned because of some conspiracy theory, and he could never do what he wanted, etc. Now clearly nobody is controlling Pope Francis, and these people still aren’t happy. :slight_smile:

In the article Pope Francis says something about making a change from the top down to horizontal.

And in the news they said something about the Pope giving the power to others. This is making me really unsettled!

Great news :smiley:

Humanity is happiest when it find something to worry about.

Maybe you should not listen to the news and just limit yourself to your parish, your family, your life of prayer and penance and your apostolic work in your community. If you are faithful in all of these things, you will be a great saint regardless of what happens in the news.

Here is the link again to the article.

Please read it and let me know what you think.


Why read an article about the interview when you can read the interview in English?
Somebody posted the link to it in post #8.

“And in the news they said . . .” Have you read the actual interview? or are you relying on the secular news media? If the latter, why?

And let’s say the Pope, as he has the authority to do, does change something about the way power is distributed in the Church. What specific reasons do you have for distrusting his judgement?

the interview when you can read the interview in English?
Somebody posted the link to it in post #8.

Because some people don’t read it.

Well, I read the interview first, and then the article, and my conclusion is that the article is too short to be accurate. The interview itself is not that long, and is fairly simple and readable. I encourage all to read it before commenting.

I enjoyed the dialogue, the real back-and-forth communication between Pope Francis and his interviewer, Eugenio Scalfari. I find it remarkable, and delightful, that Pope Francis so comfortably engaged in this interview with a hardened atheist. Francis shows, again, that the Catholic church is here to serve not just Catholics but all God’s children. Praise God!

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