Pope vs some Nigerian priests

Some Nigerian Catholic priests have not accepted a Bishop who has been appointed by Holy Father Francis and the Pope has been reportedly threatened to sack them if they would not comply the rules imposed by the Vatican.

Let us pray that the priests will submit to the Holy Father.

The world is getting out of control. Years ago priests would not dream of making such a fuss. Everyone has an opinion and they feel like the loudest wins.
It’s truly regrettable

Have you ever heard of the verse when “Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men”.

We only “submit” to God, not men. Men are imperfect, even our pope.

Bishop Okpaleke was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012, not Pope Francis.

Do you remember who Peter and the apostles were talking to???

The Holy Father should deal with the defiant German bishops the same way. Is that still a problem? I’m not up to date.

Saint Catherine of Siena said that obedience to the Pope is never in conflict wth obedience to God. She said the more perfect the one, the more perfect the other.

Do you think that God has a problem with the appointment the Holy Father made? And aren’t these priests men, too?

So, if the Pope ordered me to kill people I guess I would have to do it according to your logic.

It’s a shame some priests abuse the gift God has given them. Priests are my heroes and to see one of them disobey the Pope is really heartbreaking. Let us pray for the misguided priests.

The issue doesn’t seem to be doctrinal confusion…so aren’t the priests bound by obedience to listen to Holy Father?

When Bishop Carroll was appointed as the first US Bishop, he had trouble getting some US priests to obey him. Nothing new under the sun! They were used to doing their own thing with no supervision. I believe that Bishop Carroll used the US civil courts to sue disobedient priests.

Obedience in all things but sin.

Does anyone have a link outlining from the rebel priests perspective on why they are not accepting the appointed bishop?


No, it is you who are exhibiting poor logic.

My understanding that it has to do with the different tribes in Nigeria. The bishop is one tribe and the people he is sent to serve are another tribe. This is worse than the South Africa under the aparthied. At least when the Pope sent a bishop of colour to be the bishop, there were no rebelioins of priests and teh people agaist that bishop.

Here is more information;

Lay Catholics in the troubled Ahiara diocese in Nigeria have said they will not accept the leadership of Bishop Peter Okpaleke, even if the priests of the diocese adhere to a papal demand for obedience.
Early in June, Pope Francis issued a stern directive to priests of the Ahiara diocese, warning that if they did not accept the leadership of Bishop Okpaleke within 30 days, they would be suspended from ministry. Bishop Okplaleke, a priest of a neighboring diocese, was appointed by the Pontiff in December 2012. The Catholics of Ahiara, angered that the bishop was not a native of their own diocese and that he was a member of another tribal group, had refused to accept the appointment.
Although the priests of Ahiara are apparently prepared to accept the Pope’s demand for obedience, lay Catholics have vowed to continue their resistance. A massive protest against Bishop Okpaleke was held at the diocesan cathedral on July 2.
Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo, the state in which the diocese is located, visited the cathedral on July 2 and made an appeal for an end to the stalemate. The governor urged Catholics to accept the Pope’s appointment.


Thank you, I didn’t realise that the pope nominated a black bishop to administer to white south Africans during Apartheid. It was good there was no rejection then and it would be good if there was no rejection now but them I don’t know the politics in that part of Nigeria.

This is one reason I am very much in favour of putting the Catholic culture first.

In the west this means putting it ahead of secular culture in my opinion.


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