Pope Will Have Farewell Meeting with CoC 2/28


Could be an indication that the Conclave will begin in the first week of March? I had heard not until the 15th, but that seems to be pushing it, particularly without any clear frontrunner, a few days of balloting could threaten to put us into Holy Week without a Pope or one who had only been in office a couple of days.

What say all of you? Or does someone have better sources?

Everything I’ve heard has said the 15th-20th due to the current laws in place. I simply don’t see how that makes any sense whatsoever given the unique circumstances here. Cardinals could be and probably are making their way to Rome right now (or in the next two weeks). I think it should be in the first week of March…but who am I? I simply don’t know, I do wish they would make some type of announcement about it, however.

In any case, I suppose we just have to wait and see.

God bless.


Who is the Camerlengo, anyone know?

Cardinal Bertone.

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