Popemobile in Cars 2?

What do you think? Has anyone seen this?
Pope Pinion IV?


Of course, the Pope would be a car in the Cars universe. I think it’s kind of neat that they included him.

Strange that he still has another car to drive him around, though. Is that car also intelligent?


Is the Popemobile Catholic? :smiley:


Cool! What did the Pope-car do in the movie?

We saw this. I was sitting with my Roman Catholic in-laws and we all got a kick out of it!


I want to see this movie only because the popemobile is in it.

Is it worth my time to those who have seen it? Is it still out in theaters?

God bless.

I haven’t seen it myself, but Steve Greydanus from DecentFilms.com called it “Pixar’s first unmistakably mediocre film”. That doesn’t instill me with too much confidence about it. I’ll probably wait till it comes out on video (not that I would have seen it in the theaters regardless :p).

Yeah I guess I will wait for it on video too. That does not sound promising.

Thanks for you input.

God bless. :signofcross:

My DH and older two liked it. I like Pixar films generally, as well as their “shorts” Great creativity!

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