pope's apology


Did the Holy Father really have to apologize to Muslims for his speech?

Did he do it for political reasons?


He apologized for the way his message was received in certain quarters. He did not apologize for his speech.


I have to admit, that did kind of bother me. I don’t think a person can really apologize for something other people did. A person can only apologize for what he did. And that’s not just the pope, that’s everyone.


i believe Pope apologise becoz his message hurts somebody else, but not because of the thing he said wasn’t true


The Pope did not say anything wrong in his speech. However, one can be sorry that their comments have stirred up violence, even if they are true. That’s all the Pope said.


I agree he can be sorry, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the same thing as apologizing for someone else’s behavior. I’m hoping it was just the translation, or a miswording. Personally, I would have said, “I regret,” not, “I apologize.”

Of course this could just be nit-picking.


If the pope was quoting something to demonstrate what he was talking about. Did he use proper forms of quotation, like to demonstrate my point, quote da da da end of quote? or did he say it in such a way that listeners were not aware that he was using a quote to make his point.


He made it a point to say he is quoting, twice he explained it is a quote.

Anyway, the Pope apologized for hurting other people who took offense, not for anything said.

That said I wish he stop licking their boots. They’ve burnt churches, murdered nuns, and kidnapped priests, enough with the apologies already.


I am waiting for Muslims to apologize for what they said and did.


I’m having a hard time finding the full transcript of the Pope’s apology. Essentially he was expressing regret that his message was received as “offensive” by Muslims. He did not apologize for the text of his speech and clarified that the quote that was deemed “offensive” was from a 14th century Byzantine Emperor and not his own. He was inviting religious dialogue and the point of his speech was that faith without reason can lead to violence in the name of faith and violence is incompatible with religion. If that makes some Muslims upset, it is regretable. But he can’t apologize for speaking the truth and he didn’t.

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