Pope's biography, written by a cat

I found this story a little interesting:


**Chico the cat pens Pope’s biography
By Malcolm Moore in Rome **

Pope Benedict XVI’s childhood has been revealed in an authorised biography narrated by his favourite cat, Chico.

The nine-year-old ginger tabby lives next door to the Pope’s holiday home in the small Bavarian village of Panting, and used to spend time with the Pope as he read or played the piano.

The Pope’s love for cats is well known, and he used to feed hordes of strays that congregated outside his apartment when he was a Cardinal.

advertisementThe biography, Joseph and Chico, is aimed at children and is introduced by Father Georg Gänswein, Benedict’s private secretary, who wrote that “everything in the book is true and interesting”.

He wrote: “Here, dear children, you will find a different sort of biography, because it is told by a cat, and it does not happen every day that a cat considers the Holy Father to be his friend. They have known each other for a long time.”

He added: “The Pope of course loves cats and all animals because they are creatures of God, and often, like Chico, they have lessons for us that are worth learning.”

Father Gänswein even refers to himself in the introduction as an “older brother” to Benedict.

The Pope has not seen Chico for two years, despite visiting Pentling on his trip to Germany. The papal entourage were said to have created so much noise that the cat was frightened off.

Jeanne Perego, the author of the book, said she decided on a feline narrator to capture the imagination.

“If I had just told his life story, it would have been boring,” she said.

“He has, after all, lived a fairly calm life, with the exception of his time during the war. The cat was the key.”

The book paints a portrait of a fractious child.

“There was a time just before Christmas when he noticed that the teddy bear he wanted had vanished from the shop window. 'Where is my teddy bear - I want it!’, shrieked Joseph, stomping his feet in front of the window.”

The episode concludes with the revelation that his parents had already bought him the bear.

The book also touches on the Pope’s encounter with Nazism during the war: “During that time he discovered fear. When the war finished, he found himself in a prisoner of war camp, forced to live in the open with a piece of bread and a spoonful of soup a day.”

His desire to enter the Church is revealed when, at three years old, he saw the shiny black limousine, red silk robes and gold ring of a Cardinal.

“He said: 'I am going to be a Cardinal when I grow up too!’” the cat wrote. Previous popes have also been animal lovers: Pope Leo XII had a dog and a cat, while Pius XII kept caged birds and a goldfish called Gretchen.

Meow meow I think I’ll write a biography meow meow.

I think it sounds charming!! I would love a copy of it myself! The only version I’ve seen though was not in English.


Now HERE is a book I’d like to read!

I would buy it if it was written in lolcat.

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