Popes Giving Communion To Non-Catholics


Nancy Pelosi is a "Catholic" who is a pro-choice politician, I heard somebody say recently that Pope Francis gave her Communion at his installation Mass, that doesn't sound logical to me. Pope Francis would never knowingly give a pro-abort Catholic Communion. I guess he would only give it to her if he didn't know who she was. But I was just wanting to know. Also, I've seen pictures of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI giving Communion to people like Bill Clinton and John Kerry. From what I know, Bill Clinton is not a Catholic, and although John Kerry IS Catholic, but he's pro-choice and has fought for pro-choice legislation in the United States. If what I said above is true, I am hoping that it was done out of ignorance, aka, the Popes not knowing who those people were. I have no intentions at all whatsoever to attack Pope Francis or Pope Benedict, on the contrary, I am trying to defend them. Nor do I have any intentions of agenda posting, I just want to know if Pope Francis or Pope Benedict knowingly gave Communion to Non-Catholics or Catholics in mortal sin, because that doesn't sound like something that EITHER of them would do.

God bless :)


Pope Francis doesn’t give Communion to anyone except in rare situations. He doesn’t want to turn it into a photo op. And no, even if they had known who Pelosi was, she would have been able to receive Communion at the Mass; they really aren’t going to create an international incident at the Pope’s inaugural Mass.


It would have been exceedingly difficult for Pope Francis to have given communion to Nancy Pelosi at his installation Mass. She was not in attendance.

Please do not participate in spreading untrue things about our Pope.


no you haven’t ,your mistaken


they really aren't going to create an international incident at the Pope's inaugural Mass.

So non political lay catholics are not allowed to recieve Holy Communion when they commit a mortal sin, have not been to confession in eons, and if they support financially or assit in an abortion in some form or manner, and if the priest is in full knowledge in theory would not allow said person to recieve, yet politicians are held to another standard all for not creating " an international incident " ?

How is the RCC supposed to expect an average catholic to abide by the standards / laws already in place, when politicians / presidents are given a pass ?

Why does one have to tip toe around the Truth for " political correctness ".

Let your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

I have no idea what dignitaries or politicians showed up for the inaugural mass, but why have anyone there who does not support christianity, church teaching, or at the very least does not support abortion rights.


The Pope rarely (if ever) distributes Communion himself. More often what you’ll see picture of is a dignitary meeting with the Pope on a primarily political visit.

It is (unfortunately) true that pro-abortion politicians have received communion at events at the Vatican, but they most likely received from one of hundreds of priests or deacons that was enlisted to help distribute Communion at that event.


Just wondering, are you sure that JP 2 was giving Clinton Communion. It may have just been a blessing. BTW where are these pictures? I’ve never seen one of clinton getting communion


the title thread says Pope giving communion to Non-Catholics

you start by saying she is a Catholic just hammer home a part of that one person.

hardly the Pope giving communion to Non Catholic is it if you are saying she is Catholic…

:shrug: :shrug:


no sinners allowed in our church. no siree they’re not.


[quote="Fairwinds, post:9, topic:326744"]
no sinners allowed in our church. no siree they're not.


If sinners weren't allowed, there would be no Church.


Only the deacons recieved Holy Communion from the Pope at the Inaugural Mass, and as Popes have said its very difficult, even if you recognise the person, to judge when a person is in a state of mortal sin


Read their post again, but first put on your tin foil sarcasm detector cap. :wink:


IIRC, Bill Clinton received Communion during a tour in Africa, after he left the White House. But it was from a local priest, not from the Pope. But I could be recalling this incorrectly.


Those politicians aren’t allowed to receive Communion either. But there is a big difference between telling someone they are not supposed to receive Communion - which has been clearly articulated to all of the pro-abortion politicians - and publicly turning them away if they choose to present themselves sac religiously for the Sacrament anyway. The guilt is on the politician.


How do you know they have not been to confession in eons? Have you personally been tracking every single pro-abortion Catholic politician?


I assume it was said in jest, so I was agreeing with the poster.


Sinners is one thing, excommunicated Catholics another :shrug:

Some Catholics have incurred in this medicinal penalty, and cannot commit further sacrilege by receiving Communion without first repenting of the heinous sins that brought that grave penalty upon their shoulders and returning within the flock of Christ after confessing with their bishop.

We cannot, of course, expect a poor deacon at a Solemn Pontifical Mass to have a list of people to whom he is not supposed to give Communion - and it is questionable whether he would have the authority at all to deny Communion to anyone who asks for it. The burden of sin remains on the side of the one who had full knowledge of their lack of proper disposition and decided to approach the minister of Christ regardless. We all know what St. Paul says about this sort of sin (and he is being kind compared to other saints).

Mind you, I am not speaking specifically about any individual mentioned in this thread. I am just clarifying why some Catholics cannot receive Communion, and the reason is not because they are sinners (since we all are) but because they are unrepentant sinners.


I wouldn’t worry about someone else’s salvation or state of their soul. that’s about your pay grade.


You find me in total agreement!

I thought it would be appropriate to clarify that the reason some are bothered by certain people receiving Communion is not because of the sins they may have committed but because they may involve a specific, automatic exclusion from Communion.


I mean I saw one picture, it was either Pope Benedict or someone else giving Bill Clinton Communion and the same also with John Kerry. I hope the photo wasn’t doctored.

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