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I know that’s not the proper nomenclature, but I just seen a post from a family member concerning an image on the “Pope’s Hat” as being the “star of baal”…? Can anyone explain what she may be talking about and the proper explanation or what it really means.

I have heard this before but can not remenber how it was explained.


Pope Benedict had a mitre with the star of David on it. Perhaps that was what she was referring to?

From Wiki:

On May 17, 2016 Pope Francis was gifted his own Papal tiara by Macedonian official Trajko Veljanovski. Although no Pope has worn a tiara since Pope Paul VI gave up his own tiara in 1964, and the practice was officially abandoned by Pope John Paul I in 1978, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI were gifted a tiara (Tiara of Pope John Paul II and Tiara of Pope Benedict XVI) during their papacies. Because of this, the gifting of a tiara to Pope Francis is not entirely unusual or unprecedented. The tiara was made by a group of Macedonian Orthodox nuns using pearls from Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid.[1]

If you go to Google images, you will see that none have any star shape at all on them, much less the type she is saying. She is mistaken.

I scanned through some of the images and there are a few with what looks like the star of David embosses on it, but how would that be construed as a “pagan image”.

Are these people just looking for another way to discredit the Catholic Church?

to put it bluntly, yes. Either out of malice or ignorance.

After googling the closest thing I can come up with is some nonsense about a symbol on the Pope’s miter. Supposedly some symbol of Ba’al or of a “sun god” but actually a cross with rays of light shining behind it.

Some people are VERY ignorant and frankly really gullible and have to WANT to believe this garbage go look at an embroidered cross with rays of glory emanating from it (only one of the most common of Christian symbols) and instead see worship of pagan gods.

They are probably referring to the mitre…symbols of various types have been reused by various worship groups long before monotheism. If they are discussing the star on Benedicts Mitre, in christianity, it is called the star of creation. Symbology has much deeper meaning than the theme for a series of Tom Hanks movies.

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Okay I’m sure they will pounce all over that…
Please elaborate so I can be ready for the onslaught. I would really appreciate it!

I came across one such individual who was influenced by such things. I think they are referring to the supposed symbol of the tiara of Pope Benedict, which has the star of David.

There are groups who actually believe it is the symbol of the anti-Christ from revelation.

There is a variety of such groups’ beliefs. Anyway, my research shows that the symbol of the star of David has also a Christian connotation to it, and was used in early Christianity…and it meant the symbol of creation.

My response to this person was to read this article, and to discuss it once he has read it…equip.org/PDF/DC187.pdf

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