Popes in the Bible


I heard that 4 of the first 5 Popes are mentioned in the Bible. Is this true? And if so can someone direct me to them?


I’ve not heard that the first five were, but several are sometimes claimed to be mentioned in the Bible. Pope St. Peter, the first pope, obviously is mentioned a bunch in the Bible. Some people claim that Pope St. Linus, the second pope, was mentioned in 2 Tim. 4:21 and some claim that Pope St. Clement, the fourth pope, is mentioned in the Bible in Philippians 4:3. Between them was Pope St. Anacletus, who I don’t think anybody says was mentioned in the Bible, and the fifth pope was Pope St. Evaristus, and I’ve never heard anybody claim he was mentioned in the Bible either.

But the tenth pope, Pope St. Pius I, had a brother named Hermas, author of the famous (and very early) Shepherd of Hermas, which was included in some early Canons of Scripture…and a Hermas is mentioned in Romans 16:14 who some have claimed was the same guy. So yeah…the more you know.


Very informative.


“Some early canons of scripture…”? Now that I would be interested in seeing and reading more about. So there have been other canons?



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