Pope's Latin mass plans spark concern


Some liberals just don’t know when to stop do they? It’s like talking to a wall.



sounds to me like there are alot of people who will fight against the potential for reconciliation of the SSPX to Rome :frowning: too bad that those who oopose the TLM are acting the way they are.
Is there not room enough for everyone in the church? :frowning: ?


Concern over unsubstantiated rumors… I have better things to do with my time.

This has nothing to do with the SSPX. A Universal Indult (which will entail a big change to Canon Law) will not solve all the issues that the SSPX have.


well, it sounded like it to me. i guess i read it wrong. regardless,
they are wrong about not enough people interested in the TLM.
there are alot of people who are, iam one of them, so are some
members of my family, and alot od Catholics i know personally
are interested in the TLM. i think interest in the TLM is growing
worldwide, especially in North America.


A unviersal Tridentine Indult would involve NO change to Canon Law. There’s nothing in Canon Law that would be impacted by such an Indult. As usual, Canon Law doesn’t concern itself, regularly, with liturgical issues.

And of course this has lots to do with the SSPX. They’re the organization most clamoring for a recognitio that any priest of the Roman Rite can use the 1962 Missal without scruple.


yeah, that’s what i thought, thanks alex.

byz cath, could you clarify why you think this requires a change to canon law, or why you think it has nothing to do with sspx?


What did you expect the liberals to say? If the Old Rite was brought it would impact the Church in other ways- more traditional and conservative ways. How dreadful!

Somehow I doubt that this will bring back the SSPX as a whole. Maybe individual SSPX priests would return, but I think we still have a long way to go until they rejoin the Church.


France should concentrate on getting people to go to mass rather than worry about what language the Mass is said in.


My guess is that they are worried Catholics will vote with their feet. Seeking out TLM’s rather than putting up with McLiturgies.


Pax vobiscum!

That article has some inaccurate information. VII never “sidelined” Latin, as the article puts it. Also, priests do not need permission to say Mass in Latin. They need permission to say the TLM, not the NO in Latin.

In Christ,


It isn’t official. It may not even happen. It aint the first time we’ve heard this.


Yes. Thanks for the correction.


Let’s get that altar back like it should be so the priest has his back to the worshippers, put the communion rail back where it belongs, say the Mass in Latin and ring the sanctus bell to wake up the sleepers so they will pay attention, like we used to do when I was a boy; also, this thing of having real estate salespersons, dental assistants. day care providers, mail carriers, and grocery store check-out clerks, and other laity acting as eucharistic ministers has to go. Only ordained clergy should be allowed to do this. And, let’s get those confessionals back. I want to see Catholics lined up for confession on Saturday nights - not these group “reconciliations.”


Right on :thumbsup:


Pax tecum!

I wouldn’t use the phrase “so the priest has his back to the worshippers”. The altar was in that position so that the priest and the people would all be facing in the same direction.

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If you’re ever in Pittsburgh, come to where I belong, The Piitsburgh Latin Mass Community. www.pittsburghlatinmass.com. Confessions before every mass, up till the Sanctus. Until I started going there, I’d never seen a confession line so long that people were turned away! It’s like that at both the high and low masses, every Sunday! Rosary before every mass, too. We have an amazing chaplain and assisting priests. I’m so grateful for the TLM. It’s a treasure! Our diocese is sede vacante right now (Wuehrl went to D.C. to take over for McCarrick) so we’ve been praying for a new bishop who would be friendly to the TLM. If the universal indult becomes official, we may not have to worry!


There are many many Catholics who aren’t SSPX who want the TLM. It isn’t an SSPX thing.


I think it’s funny when people say there is no interest in the TLM when most Catholics under 40 have never even heard about it. Once exposed to TLM, I think many people would welcome the solemnity and beauty as opposed to some of the irreverent Masses that sprouted up. I have found that a lot of people have either no experience with it or had a bad experience with it in the 50s and think that it is the same. The Mass certainly is the same, but the clergy are wonderful, not the stereotypical unapproachable stern priest or nun that is often portrayed. I would like for people to be able to experience it. It may not be for everyone, but to say that few people want it is misleading as few people actually are given the chance to have any exposure to it.
Just my 2 cents.


Does this book have anything to do with the criticisim of the Pope’s thoughts on change of the mass. “The Rule of Benedict” by David Gibson. It seems the author warns that a Church led by Pope Benedict XVI would try to bring the church back into line with a more conservative worldview. In his opinion this would diminish our concern for social movements and broadening the Catholic Church appeal ( to whom??) By the way he is a catholic so therefore it gives him the authority to make these statements.



As soon as the SSPX and the Holy See are reconciled, you will want to find your nearest SSPX location. This is the norm at any Society of St. Pius X Chapel. You need to add to your list: gentlemen in coats and ties, ladies with chapel veils, and silence in church out of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament.

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