Pope's Message to Pentacostal Conference and Protestants in General

Pope’s message (7 minutes)

The conference it was received at (45 minutes)

I find great hope in this!

What do you guys think? I loved the Popes message and it seems it was received quite well by this conference of Protestants. As the Pope said, God is working a miracle of unity, and He will finish it well! It has begun! :smiley:

I am interested in both what Catholics and non-Catholics think about it all :smiley:


Agree with Fr. Longenecker 100%!

I’d change parts of it, but not much.


Check these threads for further discussion:



I’d be interested in hearing more, too.

I like what the Pope said. And quite frankly, I am tired of listening to either priests or laypeople who are constantly complaining about the popes comments.

I’m glad the pope is reaching out to those of other faiths. His attitude is Christ-like in-which he expresses love to his fellow brothers and sisters regardless of their beliefs. :grouphug:

In order to truly have a peaceful, prosperous relationship with non-Catholic Christians, it is essential for them to realize that we Catholics certainly are Christians, that we truly believe in Christ as our Lord and Saviour. (Some believe that we’re non-believers.) The video linked by SMA_12 is a nice step.

I hold pope Francis in high esteem for his attitude expressed in the video linked by SMA_12, and for his attitude toward muslims, calling them our brothers and sisters. (newspaper article I read about a year ago.) I’m sure I’ll find more reasons to appreciate his presence in the future.

Tender blessings, Pope, and to SMA_12, for sharing the pope’s message. :thankyou:


Yes, great MESSAGE.

But please give me an AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN.

Enough theorem, more practicum.

I second this motion. I was glad he mentioned the Pelagian bit as the bishop’s “works” reference gave me a start when I heard it.

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