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Hello! I have a few friends who always ask me why is there more than 1 pope, when Jesus only told peter you are the rock. Not other people after you are also the rock. How can i prove that there can be more popes after one another.



Your friends are reading this selectively. Remind them the passage goes on to say ‘and on you I will build my Church’. Peter dies but the Church goes on, so of course the leadership has to go on. If your friends think Jesus intended Christians to be loose believers without any leader then they have more serious problems than this.


Thank you, but who was it all decided to get a 2nd pope?

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Well…we sort of have 2 at the moment.


According to Tradition, Pope Linus was appointed by St Peter and St Paul together. He was a companion of St Paul in his travels.


Yeah, But they are very pushy on why Catholic is wrong. Is there any evidence or verses that i can prove them?


Well of course He only told Peter. At most, maybe 3-4 Popes (including Peter) were alive while Jesus walked the Earth, and all but Peter weren’t among the twelve who were with Jesus at the time of that event. It’s like asking how a monarchy could exist for hundreds of years because future monarchs didn’t originally rise to power as the first did. The argument is nonsensical.

That said, a direct answer of how it happened is apostolic succession.


If you want to get Protestants to consider Catholicism, the first step is to disprove Sola Scriptura. Authority is the big question, so we need to prove to them that the Scriptures are not and never have been the sole or final authority of the Church.

Then you can prove Catholic doctrine.

You could show them apostolic succession by showing them how the apostle Judas was replaced in Acts.


Thanks you! What acts verse


Acts 1:15-26.


First I think we need to be addressing No la Scriptura with non(practicing)-Christians.


They are Christians but not Catholic


What would be a good way of explaining it?


You might ask them if they do know that the Bible did not exist for almost 375 years after the death of Christ and probably about 350 after the death of Peter. Without any kind of leadership for that amount of time, how could any formal institution survive to compose the canon of the Bible? Somehow it had to be understood that there would be some form of central leadership. The most obvious choice would be he who was chosen to succeed Peter. Only logical.
In one post you say your “friends” are very pushy on why Catholic is wrong. People who are very pushy are not interested in a reasoned explanation. They have their own agenda and please don’t expect that you will have a magic bullet to make them see the light. This “pushiness” has existed for centuries.


Thank you for all the info!!! Where can i find out when the Bible was officially made? Thanks


St. Jerome, a Catholic monk was commissioned by the Vatican to compose the canon of the bible in approximately 400 A.D. I’ve read anything between 390 and 405 A.D.

Edited to say, Somebody please cite the Council that approved Jerome’s canon. No history book at hand.


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You’re welcome. And please remember that the Bible in the early years, and for almost 1200 more, was laboriously hand copied by monks in European monasteries. It wasn’t until Guttenberg’s printing press in (I believe) the mid 17 th century that the Bible became more widely available outside churches, monasteries, and cathedrals. There were no Barnes and Noble bookstores to go pick one up.


Thank you again


Explaining what, the authority of the Church over the Bible?

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