Pope's name choice hints at 'big change' [CNAU]

Mar 13, '13 6:00 am
The first-ever choice of the name Francis combined with the Latin American origins of Jorge Mario Bergoglio hint at change within the scandal-plagued Catholic Church, observers say, according to a Reuters report in The Sydney Morning Herald.http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/cathnews/RSS/~4/sXAgS1BQF20


I’m glad they mentioned Francis Xavier, which seems a likelier explanation as a Jesuit choice.

I’m willing to bet it’s not the kind of change that most of the secular media wants.

Totally agree.

Let us march forward with our new Pontiff!

Considering the speed at which he and other popes announce their papal names, I assume that those who have even a slight chance of being elected give it some thought beforehand.

I agree. Pope Francis already has a Papel Coat of Arms. (btw, do Cardinals have a coat of arms?)

I assume there’s a rather limited number of appropriate common elements (keys, crosses, tiaras, other papal insignia, etc.) that new popes can mix and match fairly quickly to design a coat of arms. I also suppose that he doesn’t have a choice to not have a coat of arms.


Change schmange, there can be no change.

Where can I see this new coat of arms?

[quote=bolinstephen](btw, do Cardinals have a coat of arms?)

Yes. Here are a couple:

Cardinal Bergoglio

Cardinal O’Malley

Note the galero hat at the top, even for someone like O’Malley who shies away from such flair in real life. Popes have usually had a crown at that spot, although Benedict used a bishop’s mitre.

In an interview with Cormac Murphy O’Connor, former archbishop of Westminster and Cardinal elector in the 2005 Conclave, he said that pretty much most, if not all, cardinals go into the Conclave realizing that one of them will come out as Pope, and therefore, all usually think up of a name beforehand. He goes on to say that even he had around 3 papal names ready just in case, no matter how remote his chances were.

And I guess it makes sense, if I were also a cardinal elector going into Conclave, I would definitely think of a name beforehand just in case, on a “you never know” basis. So, I don’t think it necessarily means that a cardinal really thought he would be pope by saying his papal name immediately upon being elected.


There can be no change in the dogmas of the faith, Including Fides Divina dogmas that are contained in the deposit of the faith but have yet to be made De Fide Definita. There can be change in many other things. Anyone who goes to confession multiple times year is enjoying a major change in the non essential form of that sacrament.

I hope you are right! Rumor Alert!

My mother just told me today (a rumor I think and hope) that our new Pope Franscis has mentioned condom use for the spread for the aids! I know that Pope Francis is very conservative on abortion and gay marriage but could this be true?

ENJOYING? a major change in the non essential form of the sacrament? I am so sad when the priest does not pray the beautiful prayer that goes right before absolution!

I don’t think his Papal Coat of Arms have been officially announced yet. I have seen online today and yesterday a couple of theoretical versions of what they will be by artists who simply took his arms as a cardinal (as linked to by Digitonomy) and replaced the cardinals galero with a papal tiara and keys.

Pope Francis’s arms could wind up being as speculated, or he could come up with a new design for the shield. That’s what Pope Benedict XVI did; he took the charges from his cardinalate arms, and had them used in a different arrangement and color scheme for his papal arms (see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coat_of_arms_of_Pope_Benedict_XVI)

I was refering to the multiple confessions a lifetime deal.:slight_smile: Originally confessions were public, involved penances that could last years, and in many places you only got the one.

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