Pope's Prayer to Mary - at conclusion of Amazon Exhortation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’ve just finished reading Pope Francis’ “Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation” which he concluded with this prayer to Mary:

"… , I consider it best to conclude this Exhortation by turning to her:

Mother of life, in your maternal womb Jesus took flesh, the Lord of all that exists. Risen, he transfigured you by his light and made you the Queen of all creation. For that reason, we ask you, Mary, to reign in the beating heart of Amazonia.

Show yourself the Mother of all creatures, in the beauty of the flowers, the rivers, the great river that courses through it and all the life pulsing in its forests. Tenderly care for this explosion of beauty.

Ask Jesus to pour out all his love
on the men and women who dwell there,
that they may know how to appreciate and care for it.

Bring your Son to birth in their hearts,
so that he can shine forth in the Amazon region, in its peoples and in its cultures,
by the light of his word,
by his consoling love,
by his message of fraternity and justice.

And at every Eucharist,
may all this awe and wonder be lifted up to the glory of the Father.

Mother, look upon the poor of the Amazon region, for their home is being destroyed by petty interests. How much pain and misery,
how much neglect and abuse there is
in this blessed land
overflowing with life!

Touch the hearts of the powerful,
for, even though we sense that the hour is late, you call us to save
what is still alive.

Mother whose heart is pierced,
who yourself suffer in your mistreated sons and daughters, and in the wounds inflicted on nature,
reign in the Amazon,
together with your Son.
Reign so that no one else can claim lordship
over the handiwork of God.

We trust in you, Mother of life. Do not abandon us
in this dark hour.

It is a long document to read but I was encouraged by several paragraphs: #87, 100 and 101 in particular and by the concluding prayer above. The document can be read HERE


Thanks, Tis_Bearself, for your “heart” which let’s us know you read the Pope’s Prayer to Mary and appreciated his words too. :slight_smile:

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Summary on two controversial issues, he says:

  1. No married priests;
  2. No female deacons.

Yeah, I was chuckling in the other thread in Catholic News because one of the “crisis blogs” had to find something to get upset about so they complained about Pablo Neruda being quoted in the document.
Pope Francis pulled a Pope Paul VI. Good for him.
Thank you Jesus.




Thanks for your replies, Deacon Jeff and also Vico !

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Dear puer.dei, Stephie and OddBird,

Thank you all for your “hearts” - it is always encouraging to know our brothers and sisters appreciate any Pope’s Prayer to Mary! I’m sure Mary was praying with us for Pope Francis as he he was writing this document!

Mary, Mother and Model for the Church, pray for us! Please intercede for all the Clergy and Laity; protect us from the evil one who "prowls about, like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. " (cf 1 Peter 5:8)

I fear that what is the most important point will likely get the least attention and follow through:

“Pray for vocations”

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Thanks, for your reply, commenter,

You may be right, but there are some graver concerns, as well. You may be interested in this article by Fr. Raymond de Souza in the National Catholic Register. See HERE

It is a beautiful prayer. I would think if most Catholics read as much from the Pope as they do from commentators about the Pope, most would see him for the holy man he is.

Thought for the month: He becomes guilty of rash judgment who, even tacitly, assumes as true, without sufficient foundation, the moral fault of a neighbor. - Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Amen. Our spiritual mother, first among saints, help us!

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Yes, dear Dan_Defender!

We need to fly to her protection - for Jesus gave her to us as Mother and Model.
Never has it been known, that anyone who fled to her protection was left unaided!

Inspired by this confidence we need to fly unto Mary, sinful and sorrowful as we are! Mother of God, Mother of Mercy, intercede for us all.

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