Pope's recent speech to seminarians and novices: "There is no sadness in holiness"

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday evening told future nuns and priests and consecrated laypeople to keep “freshness” and “joy” in their lives, as he said: “There is no sadness in holiness”.
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I realize that in this context, the Pope seems to be using a distinction between sadness and the joy that comes with holiness, but it seems difficult to read this knowing that so much emotional sadness has occurred throughout the lives of holy people: the sorrows of Mary, Christ weeping, etc… Do you think the Pope is talking here about a different kind of sadness, distinct from the sadness experienced by Mary? Can sadness, in this sense, be holy?

[Please note, nowhere in the article besides the headline did I actually see the phrase “there is no holiness in sadness”, which I think is distinct from the Pope’s reported phrasing, “there is no sadness in holiness”. I have emailed Vatican Radio to let them know of this potential typo]

You must remember that he’s Hispanic. The term is used differently in Spanish than it is in English. “There is no sadness in holiness” means that the holy willingly take on suffering. There is no reluctance, no murmuring, nor resentment.

In Spanish the phrase would be, “En la santidad no hay amargura.” Which is true.

I read “amargura” as “bitterness.”

These responses make sense. Thanks for your help the phoenix and JReducation!

**I love Our Papa more and more each day. This is valuable for me going into the Seminary this fall. He highlights the truth: Namely, that serving Christ is a joyful experience. Sure the journey has its thorns some days, but overall, there is a GREAT deal of joy when one works in the service of the Lord. I wouldn’t trade this vocation for anything in the world. This is why I felt the calling to become a Seminarian. To be in the service of Christ, so that I can receive fulfillment. I am joyed to say that Christ has not let me down, nor will He. He is the best Master to serve as the knowledge of Him never failing is enough to joy the heart and sustain it in times of trial.

Viva Papa Francisco!

Viva Cristo Rey!**

Francis used his famous pickled peppers analogy… He doesn’t want people with a religious vocation to be sourpusses. I think that Francis wants everyone to be joyous and happy with their vocations. If you feel sad and anxious about your vocation, then it is the wrong one. Jesus doesn’t want anyone to be miserable with their lives. I think that Francis is combatting the stereotype of religious as frustrated and burdened by their calling. Yes, there are challenges but I believe that he said he you are always sad, then you should leave. (I speak Spanish, not Italian, so I might be off.)

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