Pope's reforms of annulment process are now in effect [CWN]

The reforms to the annulment process that Pope Francis announced in September have taken effect with the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. On December 7, on the eve of the formal …


I wish there was a better phrase used than “streamline annulments”.

IMV, It’s pairing streamline with annulment that doesn’t sound right.

I don’t see why. :slight_smile: After all, making a process less complex is the very definition of streamlining. If it helps people come back to the Church as faithful Catholics I’m all for it. I have a family member who would greatly benefit from it. The spouse had 3 prior marriages, but no annulment for any of them due to the fact that the process was so off-putting. My family member isn’t Catholic, but might be more inclined to enter RCIA if the spouse can get the situation regularized.

Many people in our modern times find themselves in similar situations not because they wished to defy the Church but because of ignorance or being separated from the Church, not Catholic when married to another spouse, etc. If this helps them, so much the better. :slight_smile:

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