Pope's tree flourishes while others wither

In the Jubilee Year of 2000, Pope John Paul II made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land stopping at one point to bless an olive tree on the Mount of the Beatitudes. A forester with the Jewish National Fund reports that this tree is the only one producing olives this year. “It is a miracle,” Yossi Karni from the JNF, which maintains the plot, told local media.
During a visit to northern Israel, in March of 2000, the late Pontiff blessed an olive tree that was planted on the Mount of Beatitudes, which was previously called Mt. Eremos. According to tradition, Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount on this mountain, which is located near the Sea of Galilee.
Israel is currently facing what Uri Shani, Israel’s Water Authority director, called “the worst crisis in 80 years.” “Israel’s major sources of drinking water, including the Sea of Galilee and the mountain aquifer, are below their ‘red lines,’ meaning they are not recommended to draw water,” he said at a news conference last month.
Karni explained that all the trees on the plot were treated equally, but the ones that did not receive the blessing have not given fruit this year.
“They get treated the same, watered the same,” he said, adding that some trees had even started to wither, which he could not explain.
When he was asked what he would do with the olives, Karni told Israel’s Channel 10 he might market their “holy oil.”

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I miss you papa, but I know you’re still with us.
The JPtheGreat generation will never forget you and your legacy will live on.


Wow…that is incredible. :slight_smile:

It was very weird for me, because shortly after reading the part where it says that Israel is having a water crisis (a drought?), I happened to find this passage from Haggai:

*Go up into the hill country; bring timber, and build the house That I may take pleasure in it and receive my glory, says the LORD. You expected much, but it came to little; and what you brought home, I blew away. For what cause? says the LORD of hosts. Because my house lies in ruins, while each of you hurries to his own house. Therefore the heavens withheld from you their dew, and the earth her crops. ** And I called for a drought upon the land and upon the mountains; *Upon the grain, and upon the wine, and upon the oil, and upon all that the ground brings forth; Upon men and upon beasts, and upon all that is produced by hand. Haggai 1:8-11

Haggai is making this prophecy because after returning from exile, the Israelites built everything else up but had not rebuilt the temple. Haggai’s prophecy was one way of G_D telling the people to get off their donkeys and start rebuilding the temple.



There are no accidents. :wink:


Just caught the story on EWTN. Absolutely incredible! I love it!

:thumbsup: I agree…there are no coincidences…only God incidences!

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