Pope's video message to Evangelicals

I am disturbed by the video and chatter circulating around the internet showing a speech by Anglican “bishop” saying the “protest” is over for protestants and we are all "c"atholic now followed by a phone video message from Pope Francis to the assembly of Evangelical pastors. To me there was a misinformation brought forward by the “bishop” and that coupled with the different understanding of what it means to be a united church seems to bring forth confusion to the faithful and a lot more is being read into a polite hello from the pope to seperated brothers and sisters. Has anyone from the Church or reliable Catholic media addressed this? Thank you.

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I wonder why no “official” source has commented on this. Also haven’t heard anything on Catholic radio. I really think there are a lot of problems here. Two different languages were being spoken. Tony Palmer’s understanding of unity is not coming under Magisterial authority. I also think that much like the main stream media, these protestant brothers and sisters misunderstand that the Pope is not going to change doctrines. I wish a teaching moment would occur here by way of explanation. Also, orthodoxy does have valid sacraments, etc. To compare the unification of protestants is not the same. Of course, we all hope and pray to be one that needs to be one Church as Christ’s church the way he set it up and not as a way human’s negotiate truth. It was a loving gesture to pray for each other but I think it is a mistake to see this as anything more than a greeting by two former, in a way, advesaries, making a peaceful gesture. It’s kind of like just because two people say a nice heartfelt hello after having heating disagreements that they will be getting married because one has agreed to modified conditions of the marriage. I think it gives false hope, and scandal to some degree, if this isn’t explained.

I watched this video several days ago. If Tony Palmer is to be believed, he is a friend of the Pope and was invited by the Pope to visit the Pope and record this video.

What is the issue? That the Pope said what he said, or that the message was delivered to Kenneth Copeland?


We’re miles away from unity.

However, I see the event as a promising baby step towards unity.

Maybe not all of the people in the room where open to what the pope had to say. As long as a few people were touched (which I know some were) it was a success)

I would of given a million pesos, to be fly on the wall to see the look on Copelands investors, when the palmer guy told them, “You are all Catholic’s”! priceless:)

I was first under the impression that the Pope was saying hello to all of his personal friend (Palmer) 's Investor “Kenneth Copeland”. I cringed at some of Palmer’s statements, but I did not see this as an official statement by the Church. But a personal letter to his friend Palmers banker Kenneth Copeland as a co-signer for Palmer.

What happens next remains to be seen. For sure and for the record protestants, non-catholics should be on notice. Reconciliation is the key word for any full communion to take place. There cannot be any confederation of different Church’s applying for full communion with the Bishop of Rome.

There is a simple answer to all this; Be reconciled with the bishop of Rome, then full communion can be begin. Instead of tryihg to be reconciled with each local Catholic Church. This is can be done via the local Bishop who is already in full communion with the bishop of Rome.

This could lead to a disaster if a false unity is percieved without reconciliation first with the Bishop of Rome.

Resistless logic shows that Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, and core Protestantism cannot all be true and therefore cannot all be "c"atholic.

God doesn’t contradict Himself, or send down confusion among believers. The whole “Christian pluralism” thing is patently absurd and is no more truthful or logical than saying Christians and Muslims believe in the same God.

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