Pope's Visit to Jerusalem Sparks Controversy


Being married to a descendant of a Holocaust survivor who was persecuted because he was Polish and having several friends who are gay, I am outraged that Israel has hijacked the Holocaust and portrayed it as a “Jewish” persecution to the exclusion of the six million Poles, Gypsies, and homosexuals who were targeted by the Nazis.

For every time the Pope is criticized for not mentioning the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, Israel should be castigated for excluding the 6 million Poles, Gypsies, and homosexuals who were killed in the Holocaust.

I DEMAND an apology from Israel for politicizing this horror and turning it into a justification for a land-grab in the Mid-East. I will be waiting outside the Israeli embassy in Washington DC to see when the public apology is forthcoming.

Don’t forget the Catholics who were killed.

Not just that, they expect him to grovel and apologize over and over for what Pius XII ‘didn’t do’, which is a big myth, since he did plenty.
Maybe in Hollywood an apology for everything is the way to go, but Benedict is trying to be peaceful with Jews and Muslims, and while I respect him for this, it isn’t something he has to do.
He can’t win. Part of this is the media, too. CBS had more opinionated coverage of his visit to the memorial than ABC. But they both wanted that BIG FAT APOLOGY!!
Frankly, I’m concerned for his safety when he visits these places. He has so much courage.

I agree, but I have to ask, how are exactly are you going to demand an apology? Are you going to call the Israeli government, try to arrange a meeting between one of their leaders?

In the name of Allah , Most Gracious, Most Merciful

glad to see that some/many people are beginning to realise that just because Jews were victims of holocaust , it did not give them any right to do whatever they want.


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