Pope's visit to Portgual may shed light on Third Secret of Fatima

Pope’s visit to Portgual may shed light on Third Secret of Fatima

“The Pope will travel to Portugal this week amid hopes that he might shed light on one of the Catholic Church’s most intriguing mysteries – the so-called Third Secret of Fatima”


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That article had an awful bias Its “cult”? He does know that people who believe in Fatima are still part of the Catholic religion, right? And what was up with the “so-called third secret” line? I get the impression that the article was written by an atheist trying to be objective without knowing too much about Fatima. He gives no concrete quotes or evidence that the reason the Pope is going to Fatima is to shed light on the third secret. Bad article.

I noticed the language, too.

But here’s a transcript of remarks already made by Pope Benedict at Fatima. (See near end of page):


And here’s an AP video clip showing where the Pope made the comments, with Cardinal Bertone standing behind him:


Thanks VitaminC.

Hey, it can’t hurt. I think that every Catholic on that day should pray the rosary.

A cult? That’s it, the Telegraph has lost all credibility for not, you know, STUDYING!!

Anyway, as a Portuguese Canadian, I’d like to say go Pope Benny!

I would attribute that to a translation from the Portuguese that was too direct. I don’t believe the word has quite the same negative connotations in Portuguese as in English.

This is from the website of the shrine, in broken English:

13-10-1930 - By the Official 1 ester "Divine Providence´´. the Bishop of Leiria declares the Apparitions worthy of belief and authorizes the cultus of Our Lady of Fatima.

That is very true.

My parish has a list of what they call “Devotions” that include Our Lady of Guadalupe (we have many Hispanics) as well as Our Lady of Fatima and St. Anthony (we have many Portuguese).

In Portugal this is the sense that “culto” is used–a devotion.


Even so, this is bad journalism. They mistranlsted the Portuguese word for “cult” so that English speakers would think it meant a radical religious sect.

I’m still not happy with that article, but it’s good news if the Pope is going to try andshed light on the third secret at Fatima.

Am I the only Catholic–born to it and now mid 60s–who is uneasy about all this Secret stuff?
To me , it reduces our Faith to a superstitious cult especially when we hear that Our Lady is supposed to have said that if Russia isn’t dedicated to her the world will be destroyed. Can anyone imagine the down to earth, resilient, kind, merciful Mother of Christ really threatening us in this way? Are we to believe that destruction will follow if such a dedication is not enacted? This is surely a belief more worthy to the followers of Baal than to Catholicism

Our Lady is not threatening us; that’s sort of like Jesus telling us that if we don’t stop committing mortal sins, we’ll go to Hell. She’s trying to save us.

I just heard on the Catholic Radio Station in my area that tomorrow they will have a guest that might shed some light on the third secret controversy. He seemed to hint at the fact that althought the third secret was revealed it* might* not have been revealed in its entirety. Either there might be 2 parts to it or there might be in fact a “fourth” secret. Now…don’t jump all over me, as I am sure there are people that are adamatley convinced that we now know everything there is to know. And maybe we do, but I will be listening to this Dr.(I believe Drew said "Dr.) tomorrow.

I read on the fatima.org website that there was evidence that the secret (if it has not already been revealed) didn’t have much to do with any kind of annihalation, but with a profound crisis of faith within the Church.

As for me, I am at this point neutral on this issue…it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

As I am sure that this will be on while I’m at work,would someone be so kind as to give me a heads up (and a link, if possible) 10 minutes or so before the show airs?

Barring that, a 1-2 sentence synopsis?


And the good will have to suffer with the bad via chastisements here on Earth. She predicted the First World War would end, but if men did not stop offending God, then a worse one would follow.

I see it as parent(s) warning of the consequences of bad behavior if you didn’t put it to a halt.

God is all Merciful but He is all Just as well.

FYI, the term “cult” is actually correct.

Definition one reads, “a particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies.”

The problem is that we hear a lot more about false cults that true ones.

Let me see if I can find out exactly what time they will be talking about this…I will get back to you

If anyone is interested they can click here:

and click on to the Drew Mariani (hope I’m spelling this correctly:blushing:) show under the programs icon at the top. He has his latest interview with a Dr. that has studied the Holy Father’s words that correspond to the latest findings that there is somewhat more to the third secret than what was previously revealed by John Paul ll.

Now discern for yourselves, I can only tell you that the station is a solid traditional station that adheres to the Magisterium of the Church. Our Lady was trying to tell us that the Church was going to be “crucified” the same as Our Lord was. And that the evil that the Church was dealing with now has come from the “inside” or “from within”. (just as Benedict has stated) This corresponds with part of the message that the “Great Apostasy” was going to come from within and from the top. The Dr. did clarify that the Apostasy wouldn’t necessarily come from the Pope himself, but from within the Vatican. Benedict also indicated that the secret referred to future happenings as well as past prophesies by Our Lady. I myself missed part of the interview, so I will go in to and see what else they talked about as well.

Only thing is, we have already had a huge Apostacy (Protestism).

I can’t imagine an even larger one :frowning:

Hold on to your hat! This one comes from within the Church of Christ.

This is a direct link to the part about the Third Secret on the Drew Mariani show:


About halfway through is when Dr. Miravelle starts speaking. This is someone with a history of saying the Third Secret has been published in its entirety while ignoring the overwhelming evidence to contrary, but now he is doing an about-face after returning from a trip to the Vatican/Rome and is endorsing the position of major critics on the Third Secret that there is a missing one page text of the Secret that has never been published which speaks of a great apostasy that begins at the top in the Church and is Apocalyptic in nature (2 Thessalonians 2:3).

Contrary to the claims of the host (Mariani) in the first half of the segment, there isn’t substantial proof that the consecration of Russia has been completed, either. In two published interviews after the last consecration attempt, Sr. Lucia stated that the last consecration attempt had failed. The first was published in Sol de Fatima Magazine in 1985, and the second in the Argentinian publication Para Ti in 1987. In addition, multiple scholars have challenged the authenticity of certain letters appearing after 1989 wherein Sr. Lucia allegedly claimed the consecration had been completed, concluding that these letters were forgeries. Aside from that, Cardinal Bertone claims Sr. Lucia told him the consecration had been completed in his book, a book full of lies which have been debunked in Christopher Ferrara’s book, The Secret Still Hidden. Dr. Miravelle actually suggests during his speech that Pope Benedict is distancing himself from Cardinal Sodano and Bertone on Fatima.

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