Popular brands learn social justice doesn’t sell


I hope I am not hijacking or trying to hijack this thread, but the link raises an interesting question; do you avoid products or services that offer content antithetical to your beliefs?

As a for instance, I am a boomer and a catholic man. I listen to oldies music and am offended by Billy Joel’s song, “Only the Good Die Young.” For those not familiar, it casts ridicule on the concept of attempting to teach young women a proper respect for their sexuality. I turn off any station the minute I hear the song being played, and will not listen to that station, at least for a while, and until they play it again.

Anyone else have a pet peeve that you take out on a company offending your beliefs?

As a comic book fan, I have to say…

No. Diversity is not the reason why people aren’t buying Marvel’s books and I’d wager Marvel knew that.

Miles Morales as Spider-Man, while initially a bit controversial, became a character a lot of people loved. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel made the character more popular than ever before. X-Men has always been an allegory of fighting prejudices.

No, that’s not what’s hurting Marvel’s sales. What’s hurting their sales is overpricing their books (the last Marvel book I bought had a 4.99 cover price), and over-reliance of company wide crossovers that cannibalize every other story, a focus to try to draw the fans of Marvel’s movies rather than keep the fans of their comics, and just plain bad writing.

Marvel, being part of Disney now, will never admit that while DC pretty much came out and said the New 52 was an awful idea that hurt more than it helped… And guess whose books are selling more?

As for the link…

People on both sides, usually those that aren’t really involved with a subculture, try to politicize everything… When in reality, the reasons aren’t political.

I am/WAS a huge comics fan. Especially Spider-Man.

I don’t read anymore because EVERYTHING is politicized and I just can’t stomach spending my money on it anymore.

Ugh, I really dislike that song, too. I’m shocked it actually gets airplay in this day and age.

I’m conflicted by this. On the one hand, a lot of what goes under the label of “social justice” I find repugnant: “LBGTQ” rights, misandric feminism. BUT I find the notion that the merit of a cause is determined by how well it “sells” to be repugnant as well. The economic sword cuts both ways. It was only a few months agao that big corporations forced states such as Georgia to scuttle religious freedom laws by threatening to pull out.

A spot on talk!!!

Off YOUR topic. but things that give me the horrors:
Taxpayer-funded billboards promoting regular HIV tests showing two males in a “duo” pose with the message: “We do it because we care”. And similar ones.
Taxpayer-funded billboards “Celebrating Diversity”.
Heaps of other stuff, but this slug brain has to drag it to the surface.

As a for instance, I am a boomer and a catholic man. I listen to oldies music and am offended by Billy Joel’s song, “Only the Good Die Young.”

You’re in good company.
During one of his talks, Scott Hahn gave it a good (deserved) bashing.

Anyone else have a pet peeve that you take out on a company offending your beliefs?

Maybe you should start a thread on this. :shrug:

Yeah…blatant intimidation/blackmail. :mad:

I have a LOT to say about why Marvel and DC don’t sell comics so much any more, but I am quite tired tonight so I will come back tomorrow.

Well, it’s a seduction song. It’s sort of a pop music version of Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” although obviously not on nearly the same artistic level. I don’t know if reflects an anti-Catholic animus by Billy Joel, maybe. I don’t think it is supposed to be taken very seriosuly, but to the extent some young girls might take it seriously, it’s harmful.

I doubt it is intended at all to be cruel or hurtful, but it reinforces bad stereotypes about Catholics. You wouldn’t see a similar song get airplay about Jews or Muslims and conservative dating practices.

I know there’s really not much to be done about it, and vague anti-Catholicism (rather than overt and malicious) has pretty much always been part of mainstream American culture.

I avoid Starbucks and Target. I will support Chick-Fil-A as much as possible. I decided not to shop at Penney’s because of their ads celebrating diversity.

I also felt Billy Joel’s song was a slam against Catholic values when it first came out (I was in Catholic grammar school). The nuns that taught us were not happy.

Sadly, it seems like it is becoming harder and harder to avoid diversity.

?!?!? :confused:

Sounds like it’s the same in the US as it is here. :shrug:
Makes sense: Australia blindly/eagerly snaps up any evil exports from the US.

You mightn’t realise that “celebrating diversity” means much more than having respect for people of different races, cultural backgrounds, and similar. So far, so good. As long as we keep in mind the promoting of violence/intimidation by “jihadists” and their allies, and take the appropriate sane steps: eg no ostriches need apply for the job.]
Tragically, and being able to speak only for this country (Australia), more and more it means accepting and promoting the “LGBTQ ETC” agenda…OR ELSE! :frowning:

Please remember we’re not putting down people who suffer from SSA, but we cannot accept (that word again!) and promote acts of sodomy and the rest. Big difference.
“Love the sinner, but hate the sin.”

This is crazy, these big companies/ brands could not care less what a persons beliefs are, or care about diversity, they will happily welcome business/ money from ANYONE.

I remember when i was a store manager for a large pizza chain years ago, and we had a porn video shop planning to move into the same strip mall, the company director instructed all of us to say “No comment’ if local news reporters came calling, he said " We want the perverts and the opponents business and do not want to risk offending either side”.

I just find this approach to the world and the people in it incredibly sad and decidedly unchristian. I’m sure you disagree with me, and that’s your perogative, but count me among those who believe the celebration of diversity makes all of us better.

Agreed. And some of these “diverse” views are more than a little pro-Catholic in nature, especially two Latino ones: quinceaneras and dia de los Muertos (day of the dead.)

I have come across families who spend more money on their daughter’s quinceaneras than they do their own wedding. So, too, do I routinely come across day of the dead altars that are absolutely consistent with Catholic holidays.

How, may I ask, is observing quinceaneras and dia de los Muertos the same thing as – if I understand the rationale in question – celebrating LGBTQ? :shrug:

To both of you:
Please read the following statement from my “offending”: post:

**Australia is an independent nation, not some obscure county in some obscure State in the (not so) United States of America!
**A world atlas might be required.

A book on basic manners might be a good one to take out on loan right after it in addition.

If that statement is aimed at the other two posters, a book on how to read more carefully, and not to jump to hasty conlusions, could be recommended. :shrug:

Misunderstandings about what i’m trying to say are fraying the nerves of an already highly strung individual.

If Australianess is a prerequisite to comment, then let me, as a proud migrant to Australia, echo the truth that diversity is strength, and we are all better for embracing the melting pot that is our nation.

And yes, I realise your definition of diversity specifically identifies accepting LGBT people. Having being born in a country where gay sex is a criminal offcene, the fact that they are treated equal* here is a source of pride for me.

*Well, close to equal. We still need to legalise gay marriage

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