Popular Businesses that support LGBT Marriages


On the pictures found below on this link, businesses we love and come across support The Gay Marriage movement. I’m appalled but not surprised.



Thanks for sharing! Now I know which products I may try to avoid!


I tend to not concern myself with these things. Our contribution to the sinful acts their companies support is very distant if at all. You’d be appalled if you knew where every last dollar you spend ended up. To avoid it, you’d have to go live in a Jonestown-like settlement.


It should come as no particular surprise.

To begin with, the Europe and North America have become more and more secular as time passes. Secularism has bought into the change in sexual morality - a change that has been going on, albeit much slower, since the late 1800’s; got a good impetus at the Lambeth Conference where birth control “within the confines of marriage” was first allowed by a mainline church - 1930; the release of the Pill in the late 1950’s; the “sexual revolution” in the 1960’s, and on merrily down the road.

Publicly owned companies generally have not had much to do with issues they consider to be “private”, and from that has come the homosexuals issues. By and large, the companies look around and pay attention to who has been sued for what; seeing that the courts are overturning state decisions on marriage, they see that by entering the arena they are at risk not only to a law suit, but also to the very real potential to boycotting.

They are in business to move product. They are not in business to fight moral battles; the handwriting is on the wall, and they will dutifully get in line.

Should there be a reversal of the federal appellate cases - something that appears to be about as unlikely as the proverbial snowball in hell - they will simply quietly go about their business - moving product.

One can choose to boycott; there is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding you will buy a different product, or none at all. As the tide changes in the direction it now seems to be going, more and more businesses will choose one way or another to not try to swim against that tide. That is going to leave the purchaser with fewer and fewer options.

In moral theology, there is no sin from buying their product. They, and the issue, are way too far removed to have any moral implications to the purchaser and is an issue well established in Catholic moral theology.

Whether boycotting will have any effect is certainly debatable; there are too many individuals willing to purchase because they either don’t care, or they agree with the corporation, to make any significant impact. And even if it should have an impact, the likely result is that the corporation will simply remove themselves from the public forum concerning the matter - which is not the same as actively rejecting gay “marriage”.

This may seem fairly cynical; I don’t intend to be. I am just a realist; I accept the Church’s teaching, but that is not going to impact P&G, or any other publicly traded company. I will spend my efforts elsewhere; life is short, and I need to pick my battles. And this isn’t one of them.


Pretty much agree, and I don’t plan to lose any sleep over this.

As I just posted on another thread, I’m a Catholic and I accept Catholic teaching. But I can see why a business enterprise would take a stand like that, not just because “it’s the right thing to do” but also out of self-interest.

An amicus brief in support of same-sex marriage, from major corporations:


On page 3 of the brief (page 14 of the PDF) they note concerns about administrative costs (i.e., from having some employees “really married” and some “not really married”) and problems with employee morale and retention.


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