Popular music lyrics seem full of all the EXACT stuff that Jesus warns about. Is this coincidence?

I just happened to be listening to the radio and again (I’ve noticed this for a long time now) I find myself singing along to the lyrics (strictly because of the catchy tune) and then I realize what I’m saying and it’s just awful! I hate it, because I know everything they are singing about is ridiculous and wrong, but the tune is so addictive. So then I began thinking (as I have before) that maybe this music (not by the singers) but from the people who write the songs may be influenced by Satan?? I just can’t get over how all the songs about sex,cheating,fighting,money and fame and power are ALL the things Jesus warned about. I honestly wonder if maybe not consciously, but somewhere deep down and hidden, these people are being influenced to write these songs and then they become so popular and so catchy that people listen to it even though they know it’s stupid. I don’t mean that it has hidden messages and all that stuff about possession, but that it is SO powerful strictly by being addictive, that they don’t have to hide anything and people still listen! All opinions would be really good, because I try to listen to other music, but I ALWAYS go back because it’s just really addictive, I’m sure some people know what I mean!! I would love to listen to other music, but then (weird I know) I don’t feel as relaxed. See why I say it’s so powerful! You feel you have to listen to it, even though deep down you don’t want to!! (sorry this was so long!):blush:

Well, it looks like classical music is out of the question, in terms of moral correctness. :rolleyes: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=395089

But really, if a song makes me feel uncomfortable, I just change the station or listen to my own music (that is, music I’ve bought; the music I’ve produced in my spare time is pretty lame :p). Seriously, there’s plenty of catchy music out there that doesn’t have even remotely morally objectionable lyrics.

I know what you mean.
The music I listen to the most is from the late 60s and early 70s.
I love the music. I actually wish that popular music consisted of at least 30%+ instrumentals.
One way I deal with it is changing some words. “Looking Out for Number One” has become “Making Jesus Number One”.
Unfortunately some of the best music I hear is from athiests, etc, There is a song by Genesis called ‘Visions of Angels’ where the lyrics insist that God is cruel, if in fact she does exist. Great music but I have to laugh at and pity the person who was thinking this.
Fortunately I also know of music that I love, produced by the secular music industry, but with lyrics that are in line with God’s will. (Listen to a bit of Supertramp. Occasionally they sing almost Christian lyrics.)

If anyone is aware of the Russian singer Zemfira, she is one of my absolute favorites (not merely because she’s Russian and her music is helping me retain the Russian I’ve learned :D) because all of her songs are about sex, drugs, cheating, lying, etc. BUT, they are all about the harm that such behavior brings to oneself and those around you. Her songs SPID (Russian acronym for AIDS) and Traffik are specifically about casual sex and drug abuse and what results from both–ie, unwanted, unplanned pregnancy, and STDs.

I know I’ve heard music produced in the West that is similar, but I can’t for the life of me think of any names. I would say Flogging Molly, but they embrace Irish drinking culture like I do and are bad examples. :stuck_out_tongue: But their lyrics are filled with Catholic imagery and reverence if you know what to listen for.

I also tend to listen to quite a bit of techno, most of which lacks any lyrics at all and are just as catchy as Lady GaGa (whom, I confess, I listen to).

The music prior to 1968 was fun, clean and full of words of love and devotion. The perversion and immorality that began with the Sexual Revolution of the late 1960s is now in the music. Rap/hip-hop is the worst of it (I’m talking about what they play on the radio). My radio stays on a local Catholic station in my car. If I want to listen to music that is life-affirming and love affirming, I put on a CD.

I haven’t bought any new music since the 1980s, and I will continue to avoid all of the new stuff.


Plus, CDs have better sound quality than mp3s and radio. :smiley:

Our world is influenced by Satan. That’s why we “reject sin, the world, and the devil” each time we renew our Baptismal vows.
Popular music is very worldly. (Exceptions are hard to find these days.) The lyrics often admire sin, as you well know.
So I think you’re right – song writers, without any relationship with our Lord and not part of His Church, make songs that appeal to our base desires and make the bad look good.:mad:

I hate to burst your nostalgic bubble, but men were evil prior to 1968.

True, but song lyrics (and societal values) weren’t so awful.

Very funny. The topic is music lyrics, OK? In the 1960s, I was there, a man appeared on television from the Standards and Practices Department. He assured viewers that what we were watching was viewed by them first to make sure it was “suitable for the entire family.” Look up Dick Clark and American Bandstand.

You couldn’t use the word sex on TV or the word pregnancy. Married people were shown sleeping in separate beds. There were no porn bookstores. There was no cable or internet. Got it? There were 4, maybe 5, TV stations and the TV shut off after the 11:00 o’clock news. Every night, a film was shown of a beautiful silver jet flying and a voice that spoke a poem that ended with the words “and I touched the face of God.” Today, the ACLU would have a cow. That was something else that did not happen in the 1950s and 1960s — you could have a Nativity in front of the City Hall. People were very polite to each other. We called everyone Mister or Missus. That’s the way it was. No, it was not perfect but the music encouraged love and devotion. Good things.


I am not aware of scripture in which Jesus warned against modern music, can you be more specific

I like trance and progressive house styles, both of which are modern, but their themes rarely touch upon anything offensive. Sexuality is sometimes a theme, but only in the abstract, and tastefully, as it should be in art.

Right-o. I haven’t listened to the radio with any regularity since 1993. I guess I’m too much of a musical control freak. :stuck_out_tongue: If a song comes up that makes me uncomfortable, I can just press the “skip” button.

I think a lot of what gets major radio airplay does often have questionable lyrics (“I kissed a girl”, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”, etc.). That’s not entirely new, though. (“My baby does the hanky panky”?) It is often more explicit than it used to be, though.

I don’t think all popular music has such offensive lyrics. But it’s easier to remember the bad ones.

The lack of personal restraint and morality in the media is getting worse. This was done intentionally. It’s no coincidence.


I listen to techno too(trance and house are some of my favorite types too Havard!!) By and large it’s far cleaner than American music (not all of it, of course, but not every song has to be about sex. The lyrics are far deeper and get more into love and struggles rather than sex:rolleyes:.)

I know what you(OP) mean… most of this music is so trashy. I don’t even listen to the radio any more, between the endless commercials and raunchy music I’ll make my own cd.

If you have problems with the music getting stuck in your head… try listening to gregorian chant more, and just put down the mp3 player (or take the hand off the radio :D). If you ignore music for even two days you’ll get much better songs in your head, or none at all. It’s like mind control when you can’t get songs out of your head, I cannot stand that!

Problem solved:


I heard Britney Spears’ song on the radio, “3”

It’s all about sin…
She even says it in her song
“Living in sin is the new thing”

Look up the lyrics…

:rotfl: Here’s another one: Righteous B the Catholic rapper. He says, Ever’body say CAF-LIC! And the audience yells back, CAFLIC!! I went to one of his shows like this… hilarious :slight_smile:

As long as you actually don’t buy into what the music is saying, I don’t see why you’re making such a huge fuss about it. I listen to a fair few songs with some bad lyrics but I’ve never been influenced by them. All you need to do is strengthen your mind.

Yes, men were evil before 1968. Sin has been in the world since The Fall. But in our society, at least, the big difference before the 1960s is that we recognized sin as sin. What used to be regarded as unfit for society is now paraded in front of us as wonderful and natural. Vulgar language was not used in public, women were treated with respect. Certainly men had the same thoughts before 1960 that they have now, but the difference was that they recognized it is something you would never openly show in public, and certainly would never put it in popular songs or any other kind of media. Listen to songs from 50 years or more ago. They spoke of caring and commitment and giving your life for another. Do you think anyone would write a song now entitled, “Our Love Is Here to Stay.” Now, “love” lasts no longer than a night, and sometimes not even that long.

The difference now is that sin is no longer recongized as sin, and the more we immerse ourselves in this culture, the more the line will become blurred for us, and we too will no longer recognize sin. But even if we don’t recognize that we have accepted the immoral values of this society, it will still have the same deadly effects. And if you don’t think that is true, just look around and see all the broken lives in our world.

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