Popular TV shows that you didn't like

It seems like everyone liked MASH, Seinfeld, The Brady Bunch, Dallas, but I could never get interested in them. Currently, I’ve never had the desire to watch Three and a Half Men.

Of course I’ll always like The Brady Brunch. “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!” and their trip to the Grand Canyon and their trip to Hawaii and Alice and Sam The Butcher and so many great memories of that show. Mrs. Brady will always be a cooler TV mom than June Cleaver.

I never liked “The Office” (either the Steve Carrell U.S. version or the original U.K. version.)

I never - ever - liked “Friends.” Yuck. When people refer to Chandler or Phoebe or whoever, I have no clue what they’re talking about. I have never seen a single episode in its entirety.

And though I have always liked “Cheers,” including its pre-Woody years, I just never got into “Fraser.” The show never did anything for me. :shrug:

Actually, it’s two and a half men…but either way, morally bankrupt.
Clever, especially using comedy and some good casting to promote amoral values,
which makes the offering more destructive to Christian and family values, and to respect of women.

I agree, add cheers and dynasty, mork & mindy and coronation street, chips, airwolf, ateam, blue thunder, tj hooker baywatch etc.

Even now it is the same, it has to be very interesting or funny to make me enjoy it.

I didn’t like childrens television as a child either and cannot abide sesame street.

I did like the muppet show.

I agree that Three 1/2 men is offensive and I never understood why people liked it so much. I tried watching it once and didn’t make it through one episode. Same thing for Family Guy. Everyone talks about how funny it is and the one time I tried to watch it they made fun of Priests and Eucharist. I was incredibly offended.

Definitely strongly dislike 2 1/2 Men and Family Guy.
I did like Frasier and Seinfeld, for which I’ve been flamed before (personally I don’t see either as promoting immorality, rather as laughing at it and showing its unpleasant consequences and side effects. For me they’re a kind of a morality tale, interspersed with humour, if you like)
Loved MASH - my father is a doctor who was briefly in the military, so I get it.
Brady Bunch I didn’t particularly like, but didn’t find offensive in any way at least.
Friends I found boring and annoying.

I can proudly say I’ve never watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives. And I never intend to.


A lot of what has been stated as well as House & 24.

Oh yes, that’s one I also really dislike.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of maybe two episodes at the most.

Jersey Shore is a show watched by almost everyone my age it seems, and I just cannot stand seconds of it. I can’t fathom what people find entertaining about that show. Same can be said for pretty much everything on MTV.

I totally feel like the odd one out here! I LOVE Desperate Housewives! Loved Friends, Frasier, etc. Oh, I love The New Christene too!

Shows I don’t like that are popular: Community, The office (Although to be fair I’ve never given Office much of a chance) and GLEE.

Everyone seems to love Glee, American Idol, True Blood and Greys Anatomy. I do not like any of these shows.

I watched part of an episode of “Seinfeld” and it was just so awful I had to turn it off. I can’t imagine anything more painfully stupid - even “I Love Lucy” was never that bad, and I always thought that was the stupidest show in the world.

I dislike most of the shows on TV these days, except for crime dramas. I like the various CSIs, and I like The Listener, and Monk (which I think is hilarious), and Hustle, and if there’s nothing else on I watch Cold Case, or Criminal Minds. I also like How It’s Made, and Mythbusters. Dr. Who isn’t bad every once in a while. I watch House because I happen to like Hugh Laurie.

But any kind of situation comedies, and any kind of soap opera type of thing (Blue Bloods, or The Unit, for example), I’m out. And most reality shows. (Canada’s Worst Driver is the only exception - that one’s pretty funny.) Even Dragon’s Den, I’ve tried to watch because it’s supposed to teach good business principles, but yikes, every time I turn it on, they’re all behaving like idiots. :rolleyes:



Everybody Loves Raymond

Two and A Half Men


30 Something.

However, I wish to state that “to each his/her own.” I know plenty of Christians who love(d) these shows, and they hate the shows that I love.

A few shows come to mind right now:

Glee - Nuff said.

Family Guy - Do not, ever, say it is better than the toons I watch. EVER. Anyone who does runs the risk of me strangling them. :mad:

Spongebob Squarepants - Seriously. It’s a kiddie version of Family Guy. What’s to like?

Spongebob Squarepants is all the proof you need that on the average man’s intellect is declining…

Dynasty is one from my youth I loathed. Dallas also.

Someone named the Office. Not a show I find funny. Oddly enough I find the British TV show Shameless very amusing although I think it would have many jaws gaping here. But although it’s vulgar and full of foul language there’s something more human about it. Ricky Gervais and his brand of humour seem ful of sneering to me rather than satire.

Friends - hurts my teeth to even watch this junk.

Yes, I meant to write Two and a Half Men. (How embarrassing.)
Here’s another biggie: The Oprah Winfrey Show. Can’t stand it.

I remember being excited for Glee when it first came out but by the end of the first half of the first season I was just…done. Haven’t watched it since.

Shame though. I did like the music.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Frasier!!! Great show, do NOT LIKE Desperate Housewives or any shows like it. Just my humble opinion.:smiley:

MAS*H was a fantastic show, but I am “second generation” so to speak. I love it in reruns and DVD release, but I’m sure that when it first aired, it was sophomoric comedy at best and occasionally morally offensive. It blossomed as characters came and went and we saw development over time.

I must also defend SpongeBob. Anyone who assumes that an animated show featuring juvenile characters is for kiddies is missing out. True, it’s just not as well crafted as it’s mid-90’s predecessor “Rocko’s Modern Life”, but once you accept that the plots revolve around a whiny teenage sponge and his incredibly dumb starfish sidekick, then you can find the mature humor (like references to free jazz).

What I can’t stand? “Big Bang Theory”. Cruel and/or sardonic, but never genuinely funny. The incessant laugh track just makes it 100x worse. Seriously, do the advertisers think I am so dumb as to not know when to laugh if I fund something funny?

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