Popular video game offers a detailed guide to signing contracts with devils. An article

Those who wish to advance in this game are now given rules and guidelines “for how to construct a contract that provides both benefits and setbacks for the poor soul that signs it.”

Nothing new in the world of video games.

I wish to God I never had played Grand Theft Auto as a preteen and teen. That filth still affects me. Video games will not be allowed in my house unless maybe sports games.

This isn’t about a video game. This is about D&D.

And as with all things D&D, this is very clearly in service to the game’s internal lore and mechanics. It has nothing to do with real-life occult practices.


Making a “deal with the devil” is a trope. “The Devil and Daniel Webster”…“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”…St. Wolfgang getting the devil to help him build a church…


Father. Son. Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels surround and protect all those young or older from any video games or other media that is of Satan or his evil designs.

You’re making a pretty big leap there. Not all games are GTA, in fact, very few games are GTA.

You’re missing out on some truly remarkable games with that outlook. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my current go to for “best game ever.” There’s the creativity of Minecraft… so many options. Don’t let your playing a few bad games make you write of gaming as s whole.

As for this, D&D already gives your character the ability to worship fake deities, so this isn’t particularly surprising. These sorts of things are common in tabletop RPGs. Doesn’t make them good or anything, but I’ve played multiple RPG’s, and the easy solution is to just not incorporate troublesome mechanics if you think they’re a near occasion of sin for you.

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So firstly, this product is for sale in the DMs Guild, which is where users post their own Homebrew products. This isn’t an official product from WotC.

Secondly, they’re fake devils and fake contracts signed by fake game characters.


Can you REFUSE to sign it?

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