Population? -- if we were all to follow the Catholic way


I believe the answer to this serious problem is that, as overpopulation becomes a problem, people will realize that they are unable to care for any children they have. In the face of such a situation, where having children would be wrong due to it being impossible to care for them, people will have to choose between celibacy and doing wrong.

The ‘Catholic way’ in that scenario would be to stay single. If you aren’t capable of raising children, then I think it’s safe to say that God isn’t calling you to married life.

Of course, in reality, most people would likely choose some some road which is not the ‘Catholic way’.


The Catholic Church teaches that contraception is intrinsically evil. Birth control is not forbidden by the Church as long as a couple has just reason for its use.

Catholicism is also renown for its promotion of things like health care and education. My guess is that you have a problem with those around you who profess Catholicism but don’t follow Catholic teaching.

Are you a Christian? Are you doing what you can to help educate those around you on responsible parenthood?


I sure do try to teach negligent parents about basic child care matters. One of my employees came to in tears this week because I asked her to try to teach a very young mother some basic care things and the message was rejected. As a licensed professional I have a legal obligation to report instances of serious abuse/neglect. But do you have any idea of how difficult that can be? It takes a whole bunch of prayer to get it figured out.

Am I a Christian? I have always thought so. But Christianity isn’t a destination as much as it’s a journey. I am still very much in pursuit of knowledge and inspiration. That’s why I originally came to this site.

And I do sorta have a problem with Catholics who do not accept the teachings of the Church. Mostly I just recognize that they are pretty common and maybe that’s a whole bunch of what the RCC is made up of. That really troubles me.


We pray that our parish be “populated”, Thank God for those who do, and may God bless them with many, many children.


I do not have a link to the source, but I read an article that said that if all the abortions in the US since Roe v. Wade hadn’t happened, then there wouldn’t be a problem with Social Security right now.

I have a really hard time with the idea that God is so uninvolved with the creation of children that He would just let us all multiply like rabbits if we so desired without caring. Children have souls, and I’m pretty sure that God is extremely involved in making those souls and those children. Unless He wants to use not enough resources to end the world or something, it’s not going to happen.

You don’t have to be rich to have children. Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean your life is miserable (though it can greatly contribute to that). And children are a blessing.



If the Catholic way (which prior to the 1930s was they way of ALL Christian churches, which means the way of 99% of the developed world) were so sure to result in overpopulation, where is the evidence of any resulting overpopulation in 18th and 19th Century Europe, Britain and America? There was none.

Short moral of the story - God has it sorted! :thumbsup: :amen: :crossrc:


Have you seen photos of children starving to death in Africa? Those children were born in regions of famine. There wasn’t/isn’t enough food produced to keep people alive. Don’t you think God knew that when he created them?


Of course He did, He knows everything. Duh. I don’t know why He created those children, but He did and I have to trust Him on that. I don’t know why Africa is in the situation it’s in – how much is due to drought, how much to corrupt government, how much to people simply not helping their fellow human beings. The US has more food than it needs, and we waste SO much. I am not equipped to try and understand why the situation is like that in Africa.

I am in the US, where the situation is worlds better. I have no pressing reason, such as famine and therefore a high probability that my children WILL DIE at a very young age, etc., to not have children. Few people in the US do.


There are more than enough resources to sustain everyone. When i say sustain, i don’t mean that the gluttonous North American rate, i mean at the rate required for health.

As for Africa, who knows what the reason God has for creating those children. Only God knows that. Perhaps suffering is required to make up for the sins of a society? Who knows.

One thing i do know is that Catholic teaching has transformed my outlook on sex. Using contraception is an unhealthy thing, as it encourages an attitude that sex is always there waiting with no consequence. The catholic teaching on sexuality reforms ones view of copulating. It has mine. I know abstaining from sex is a terrible thought from our sex-obsessed society, but sex isn’t everything.

We need more children like Mozart, Laplace, Newton, who at the tender ages of 15-20 pioneered music, calculus and physics. Science has kind of hit a dead end…perhaps because we keep killing all the people God is sending us. Rumor has it we aborted the one who was to have the cure for aids…


If the OP’s projections are accurate, there would only be a population problem if reproduction were the only venue in which everyone followed the “Catholic way”. Assuming that the whole world were Catholic and adhered to Catholic teaching, then the vast abundance of food and resources in the world would be more than enough to feed and supply everyone.

Consider the lillies, as a wise fellow once said. :wink:



You seem far too kind and intelligent to be posting about Catholic “plots”. (I’m sure you already know that Catholic rejection of contraception has to do with a desire to never thwart God’s precious gift of fertility but instead work with the natural fertility/infertility He gives us when prayerfully planning our families.)

You are never alone praying for those in need. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for you to see the things you do. I myself live in an area that is suffering badly from population decline.

As a Christian and a Catholic, I think you make some pretty good points.


Thank you for your kindness. I do understand the Catholic rejection of contraception, I just can’t agree with it. To me it seems to be archaic and ultimately destructive of human dignity.


The fulfillment of our dignity lies in conforming our will to God’s. This leads eventually to our union with Him.

What is destructive to our dignity is choosing to usurp God’s place as the author of life and the authority over our will – both of which are neatly acheived through contraception.

As to “archaic”: the fact that a truth is ancient does not render it less true.



I think children actually are the one best source of human dignity. Seeing a baby’s smile is probably the quickest route to finding hope in our world.

The converse is also, sadly, true; seeing the abuse of children wrenches our guts deeper than any other misery in our world.


Why can’t you see that contraception is a blessing from God? It relieves many people of the unwanted and destructive consequences of marital relations. Procreation just is not the main reason for human sexuality. From an anthropological point of view sex in humans is far more complex. Just because the Church has views on sex that date from antiquity doesn’t mean the Church is correct.


And yet, awful as it is and as utterly abominable as it is, this gut wrenching is the mother of patience, empathy, charity, good works, and even love. So it is not without its God-ordained purpose.


And just what is the purpose in situations where the child has absolutely no chance of living in a loving and caring and even healthy environment? To say nothing of situations where the child will probably suffer malnutrition and horrible diseases because there are just too many people for the available resources? Tell me the purpose? What would you tell the child? What is the purpose of their suffering? God makes these little children to suffer, horribly? You have to be kidding me.


So you are saying that I, you, and every single other person on this forum was possibly or actually was an “unwanted and destructive consequence” of marital relations???

Sex can lead to kids. It is designed to lead to kids. Kids turn into adults – adults who are hopefully loved and treasured and who can love and treasure others of any age. The Bible speaks of children as a BLESSING. Babies are adorable, toddlers and up can be annoying at times, true, but they grow up. People are to be loved and cherished, not seen as “unwanted and destructive” consequences of doing an act that is supposed to lead to them!


Well said.

And thanks for reminding me that even if I don’t have the answers to life’s tough questions, God does.

…and I kinda think He knows what he’s doing.




Please know that there is always a chance, HOPE, even in the most dire of situations.

Without hope, what does anyone have?

For every horror story, there is one of hope. We can all give personal testimony about someone who had a horrendous childhood, yet grew up to be wonderful and caring and empathetic, etc.

Please, please, keep HOPE! We may not often know what God is up to, but trust that HE knows! I mean, He created the whole dern universe; certainly He knows what he is doing.

My prayers go out to you and all you do to help others.

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