population of hell

this is scaring me

i’ve read several quotes from certain saints saying how empty heaven will be and how crowded hell will be and it’s cisconcerting.

and jesus says there are few who find the narrow way to heaven.

of course thre is the other extreme where people don’t think hell exists.

then pope benedict somewhere in the middle wondering if both views are a bit extreme.

what do you guys ake of all this. and how do we even know if we are on the narrow path Jesus was talking about.

I have said this many many times on this forum before. We do not have information on the population of heaven and hell. Some saints have speculated in either direction. But the Church has absolutely no information on the subject. The warnings of Jesus are not intended to measure population statistics. The Church teaches God desires all to be saved, and gives all a chance to be saved. That’s all we know.

Most People go to Hell unfortunately(Matthew 7:13, Luke 13:24)

There are I guess a few places in the Bible where there is a good chance of never entering the Kingdom of Heaven because of our sin… but there are a couple where it says we shall not Perish… look up Repentance and see what you can find.

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