Porch pirate arrested after falling for decoy packages


Porch pirate arrested after falling for decoy packages

Nov. 30, 2018 - 1:54 - Texas homeowner fed up with package thieves decided to set a trap.


:rofl: This will end up in “News of The Weird” under Incompetent Criminals.


There was a thing on the radio yesterday about Fort Worth putting together an actual sting operation with decoy packages and GPS trackers and cameras and everything in neighborhoods that have experienced an uptick in package thefts.


This sounds pretty usual.

There are religious buildings that have had to put a GPS tracker on baby Jesus and catch the people that have stolen him.

There are bikes with GPS trackers to catch those that steal bikes.

There are cars with GPS trackers and eyes trained on them to catch those that steal cars .

So on.

Not a sting operation, but someone once broke into my car and sole a bag with a phone in it. I called the police and took them to the house the phone was in (since the phone has GPS in it, and I remotely disabled the power button and put it in low power mode) and got it back.

Kind of related, one of my coworkers was away on a business trip. While she was gone a man came to get her amazon packages and she managed to scare him away and keep her packages because of her Ring doorbell. Here’s the video footage.

But back to baby Jesus, GPS tracking is sometimes available for free to religious organizations. You can read more about one offering here.


That video was great!

Thanks for posting ThinkingSapien.

God bless.



It’s apparently an epidemic in San Francisco.

Amazon has its own delivery lockers in some locales, called Amazon Lockers, unfortunately not where I live. But one can have their packages delivered to a locker for no extra charge. Have to imagine that’s much more secure.

Also when I was out working somewhere not too long ago, I saw a contract worker delivering Amazon packages down the street from my customer: he took a photo or two of every front door he made a delivery to.


Yeah, when they take the photo when you see the Amazon Deliver Confirmation in your account the photo shows up there too.


For high ticket items, I rent a box in the UPS store to receive and hold my package.


The last couple high price item I ordered was eligible for Amazon.com’s Concierge service; they would not deliver it without a signature. Thankfully I also work for a place for which we can just send out an e-mail saying “I need to Work from home to receive a package” and they will let us do it.

One of the items was delivered from an 18 wheeler and wouldn’t have fit in a box any way :slight_smile:


This reminds me of the time when my late husband lived in an apartment in Canada while I stayed behind to sell our house. He subscribed to the local newspaper which was to be delivered at his door each day. Then it started disappearing. So he tied a newspaper with clear fish wire and slid the wire under the door. He attached teaspoons to the wire and left. Next morning when the teaspoons rattled, thrust open the door and saw a man beginning to enter the door of an apartment down the hall. He called to him and said "I’ll be glad to pay for a subscription for you if you leave MY paper alone.

Always makes me chuckle.


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