Pork Roast on Weber?


Any of you have experience cooking a pork roast, (not loin) over charcoal?


Yes. Slow cooked over charcoal, til falling apart tender. It’s very flavorful.


I have a small water smoker and can tell you that as long as you keep the heat down to about 300 degrees and let it cook until the meat falls off the bone, you will not be disapointed.

Depending on the size of your grill, try to keep the coals to 1 side so the roast is not directly over them, or put a water drip pan underneath. Works great with a whole chicken too.


As said above, you want to do it very slow, smoked more than fire grilled. Only a rub on the outside, you can add sauce after you pull it.

Boston Butt/shoulder roast is fantastic when slow smoked.


:confused: Are you calling me a “Boston butt?” Sorry, wrong diocese. lol :smiley:


Thank you for the replies. Can you give me a time line say w/ a 5# roast? Do you add more briquettes or chips after a while?


I love foodie posts!

Shouldn’t neeed to add more briquettes, I like to put the roast to one side with a pan underneath & pile the briquettes to the other side. And rub that baby with pepper, garlic powder & onion powder. And stud with fresh rosemary. I’d allow a few hrs. Like, 3.Real slow.

I’m hungry.


Adjust the cook time for your roast size, a meat thermometer is important for grilling large cuts of meat.

This lines out the process well:



What cut of pork is it?

It makes a big difference in how long and how you should cook it. Some pork should be cooked to about 140 degrees then rested off heat. Some should be cooked well past 190 at a low heat for a long time.

It all depends on the cut.




Is it the kind with a LOT of fat—the butt? If so, you need to cook it on indirect heat for about an hour and a half per pound, but the results are well worth it!


So MJE, how’d the roast turn out?


A day after posting this question I was sick and then diagnosed and having my gallbladder out next week. No grilling or fun cooking since then. Will resume the good life in a few weeks. Then I will let you know. Do any of you cook w/ natural hardwood briquettes? They burn soooo fast I can not imagine cooking more then hamburgers w/ them.


My experience with those briquettes was a failure. I stick to good ol’ Kingsford.
I’m re-learning the rosary so I’ll pray for your quick recovery.


Add my prayers, too.


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