Pornography addiction. Backsliding. Please pray for me


Hello my brothers and sisters in Christ
my name is Matthew. I am 21 years old. I am struggling with lust. I have really fallen into serious sin and have been living in sin for some time now. I stopped going to Mass for a while and have gotten caught up in all kinds of bad habits. Please pray for me.
God bless you for caring
Yours in Him


Hello Matt,

The more you attend Mass, the better you beat this bad habbit. God is THE merciful God, go to the mass more often and repent, He will give you graces to stay away from this sin. At home, besides praying to God, you could surely ask Virgin Mary for this help. She’ll bring your heart to her Son Jesus who will purify your heart and soul.

Trust me, it works!

I keep you in my prayers.
God bless!


What water said. Also, frequent sacramental confession is a necessity to depfeat this sin. Even those brief venial moments of impure thoughts weaken your resolve until you take a big fall. Keep strong through the sacraments.


Trueknights - 7 Steps to Freedom and Purity


A lot of people struggle. I’m praying.


Take heart, you are only treading down paths many of us have already been. May the Lord deliver you from your bad habits as He has delivered so many before you. Know that Jesus is much more powerful than any addiction or bad habit. Keep praying, going to mass and confession, never give up because God never gives up on you


Praying for you, pray for me as well, I’ve had (and still do have) my struggles with a number of addictive behaviours :gopray2:


God Bless you for your attempts. We all struggle with these same issues… God knows how he made us and what we struggle with. No one is perfect… KEEP TRYING!! and certainly keep going to church and confession

God Bless

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