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If anyone has a good resources, ideas, directions, links or contacts on how to start or lead support group for catholic man addicted to pornography, let me know.

Thank you and God bless!


Hey maybe we can help each other out. I am a $exaholic and in need of support from members. I am a current member at CSGSAR (Catholic Support Group for Sexual Addictions Recovery) and also SAonline a group forum such as this but not catholic or religious, completely a 12-step program support group.

Hope to see you around here. :slight_smile:

Addressing the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), theologian David B. Hart calls into question the legal fiction that we are incapable of even that minimal prudential wisdom necessary to distinguish speech or art worthy of protection from the most debased products of the imagination, and so have become content to rely upon the abstract promise of free speech as our only sure defense against the lure of authoritarianism.

The article is called “The Pornography Culture” and perhaps, as you will see after reading this, at this juncture in cultural history, this lack of judgment is no longer really a fiction.

It’s a complex read but is a wonderful resource for thought on the topic. The conclusion is telling:

"It is good to be reminded from time to time — good for persons like me, with certain pre-modern prejudices — that our relations with the liberal democratic order can be cordial to a degree, but are at best provisional and fleeting, and can never constitute a firm alliance; that here we have no continuing city; that we belong to a kingdom not of this world; and that, while we are bound to love our country, we are forbidden to regard it as our true home.”


You can find it here:

Hi Jim, I’m also a member of CSGSAR and SAonline but my online names are different then here. I’ve only been a member here for 5 weeks. Glad to see you! :thumbsup:


The founder of this was recently on Catholic Answers Live. I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thank you all. I got some great resources from your comments and links . GBY!:thumbsup:

Glad to hear you got the help you needed. The only thing I’d add if it hasn’t been mentioned in the websites already. Pray the rosary daily! :thumbsup:

God bless you too.

Thanks for the website!:tiphat:

Please see the following thread for additional resources and advice:

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