Pornography - Curious case and doubt


First of all I’d like to apologize for which I think is a kind common and repeated topic around here, but I searched for an answer to my doubts in previous threads and found nothing.
I have a doubt concerning the line (if there is any) between seeing a pornographic image and commiting mortal sin.
My case, specifically is the following: yesterday I was doing some configurations in my smartphone, which used to be my older brother’s, and I noticed in the deleted files a small (as deleted pictures tend to be in these phones) pornographic picture. As I didn’t know the phone had these deleted pictures I entered the trash folder and began to browse these deleted photos, the main reasoning being just curiosity. The problem is (beside looking at photos that didn’t belong to me in the first place) there were several pornographic pictures among them and as I was looking all the pictures I ocasionally took a glimpse in these pictures, before quickly moving to another one.
My question is: did I commit mortal sin for just taking these glimpses at these porn photos. Looking back I realise I should not have looked at those deleted photos because I) they weren’t mine and II) I knew there were porn photos among them, and because of this I know this was at least sin againt prudency. But, I wonder if this is mortal sin and I if I can’t receive communion before going to confession. Perhaps, the best way to figure this out is talking to a priest, but it’s been not long since my last confession and I was not planning to go again, unless really necessary, for at least a few more weaks, but don’t want to stay away from communion because of this doubt.
Another reason for posting this is the following: is seeing an image of naked people (in provocative positions or not) always a mortal sin? How does this relate to the intention one loos at it?
By the way, maybe it’s worth knowing I’m 20, and currently struggling to keep away from masturbation and pornography.
Thanks for reading this long text.


IMHO, you’ve done nothing seriously wrong. If it concerns you that much, go to confession then put it all behind you and move on.


If you’re looking for advice, I’d say, “When in doubt confess it.” The God I know and believe in doesn’t get angry when I confess too much. I do damage to our relationship when I am not remorseful for my actions, however. Confession isn’t something to be avoided or minimized.


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