Pornography in the Family?


Recently a family member of mine told me rather proudly that he enjoys surfing various sites pertaining to Japanese anime. I went to a few of these URL's today and found that they were... pornographic. Can anyone suggest a remedy for a family member stuck in such dire straights?


To conquer the flesh the body must be mortified.


Perhaps they don't know it's wrong. If you think they'd be open to it, offer them to listen to the two .mp3 files (great talks on these subjects!):

Our society, which is at present being run by Satan, promotes evil as good, including pornography. We must defeat this, and all the other evil, such as abortion, euthanasia, artificial birth control, etc., because the moral demise of a nation always precedes its ultimate demise. The greatest threat to our national security is immorality. Hands down.


Ah anime. As if regular porn wasn't bad enough, now anime porn is all the rage. Trouble is, a lot of anime comes awfully close to being porn-ish, and anime itself has inherit problems that make it a sticky subject to being with.

Anime characters typically have poor distinction between male and female. Men are often drawn without facial hair, and lack real masculinity. Women are often drawn as very young girls, but are intended to have a high level of sex appeal and "cuteness".

I don't really have a problem with good, mature anime, but in general, I think it can be a dangerous thing that can distort someone's idea of what is attractive, masculine or feminine.


Pornography is definitely evil, in every shape form or fashion. It will destroy lives and families.


Probably just a normal teenage boy going through that phase.

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